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June Public Preview 0.30.6

June Public Preview 0.30.6

  • SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio *Preview* extension initial release
  • The new SQL Data Warehouse extension includes rich customizable dashboard widgets surfacing insights to your data warehouse. This unlocks key scenarios around managing and tuning your data warehouse to ensure it is optimized for consistent performance.
  • Edit Data "Filtering and Sorting" support
  • SQL Server Agent for SQL Operations Studio *Preview* extension enhancements for Jobs and Job History views
  • Improved Wizard & Dialog UI Builder Framework extensibility APIs
  • Update VS Code Platform source code integrating March 2018 (1.22) and April 2018 (1.23) releases
  • Fix GitHub Issues
    • #1204 Feature request: Please make the results grid auto-fit column width to data, and/or remember manual changes if the same query is re-run
    • #1398 Should show add message and add account account button when linked account is empty
    • #1399 Linked account tab is broken when the view is collapsed
    • #1374 SQL Tools Service crashes when opening .sql file from disk
    • #1372 Missing SQL keyword "BETWEEN"
    • #1395 'MATCH' keyword crashes SQL Tools Service
    • #1496 "New Profiler" context menu option in Object Explorer does nothing.
    • #1495 Query editor "Explain" query plan is broken

SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio Preview

The SQL Server Profiler for SQL Operations Studio Preview extension is now available in the Extension Manager. This is the initial preview release for a new lightweight XEvent-based profiler. The SQL Server Profiler extension tries to make it simple to quickly trace server activity for troubleshooting and monitoring.

We'll continue to enhance this extension over the next couple releases. Take a look at the below screenshot to see what's currently available.

Edit Data "Filtering and Sorting"

The Edit Data document now has an integrated SQL Query Editor that allows the resultset to be filtered and sorted using WHERE and ORDER BY syntax. Click the Show SQL Pane toolbar button to display the editor.


-- Changes for 0.30.6
df7e3ec7d52a82febee5b597a1019cabf021b883 Revert "Bootstrap Service Abstract injection (#1534)"
6b018c5d06ae596f6b26b260460e19e4bdcd18f1 Profiler toolbar fixes + creating connections (#1677)
e69158d9b2741a866a3ed8861523f4b0ea702db3 Swallow error on context view  when disposing children (#1663)
520cfb780a7356ffa8983de6ebbdf508c12302f8 Profiler notifications (#1648)
e686fed20963887d1efcb4c3b475a9ffa60d4c53 fixing the table, form dialog tab layout issues (#1671)
80ab19ac23759e1bc06e7537ca911294639a5cb0 Add screenshot to Profiler extension readme (#1670)
25228fa58e62c55e6dc3a23cc1bc0ad6f74500ff Fix edit data limit dropdown position (#1667)
676d35090f731225ca610db0db480b7cc576a205 Fix Release Notes link to refer to correct location (#1665)
e1a36a356cd38e1c0f084b763c0abecb45fb8569 Add Profiler extension to recommended list (#1662)
3274c0b7342264ec6569a4ce694542d52daf6eba Make height and width optional for model view components (#1657)
-- Changes for 0.30.5
ef29871b62e3d77fb73a91e90d5b3948d816b664 Pickup SQL Tools Service 1.4.0-alpha.45 (#1649)
a2a87f8d2bfc6cee6805cbeed2acffd192ce9279 fixed two layout issues in model view components (#1647)
83c01c6bcb73fc4082a690cfbf40b2a47375e88b Fix edit data revert row bugs (#1634)
c1d850804c1d59eaa1769bd65782d4f765882046 Agent: Added highlighting for jobs (#1588)
6590d5f58a27a6290028493a5e0b5ca3d5d1c95c fixed refresh and removed unused imports (#1633)
a225925bc498bd1ceb8750da86cff9f555e7ec81 fixed several model view issues (#1640)
ab39f1f44fc28968791acb0df8bfc364ac9a311b Use theme color for model view button text (#1639)
8d89364d72e5c44fa3644569d561716b3a0ef491 Displaying all event data (#1635)
af2bc859d1ae36671df7063e70da0f4d5e5b0bb0 Profiler toolbar changes (#1615)
8e72fdaa5277116436230f203476daf113b6ad0a add aria-label for insights dialog (#1629)
e9661f90d014dfefaa716d5b262308d7161753bf Prevent components from being defined multiple times (#1627)
30b111034d42440ee4a0d4b15863f242a69311ab added option to mode view input box to create the input as text area (#1630)
df183593099beaf7223f98facf8e8859da5131fd fixed the issue with disabling the select box (#1625)
03857e0afd39d7eb7dd849b3353322d7774b1416 Update SQL select box styler (#1619)
17db0b7d096abe01b0ec4d047cf46e7d2ec36f04 Revert SlickGrid to 2.3.16 to workaround Edit Data TAB issue
eaf1e08752639d30f3c77988579d1065cdd9b165 Fix bug where select box selection could not be changed by mouse (#1616)
d39ceffa9492c04aac3945895790cf89bc90d066 fixed the issue with displaying licenses (#1610)
406b171c666d274f6b12bd5d88c8974b5ffccffc add a check for when the task is not valid (#1607)
6d89b9e2034e9c532af1be101b7e43537a7a4ff4 Agent: Previous Runs chart functionality (#1564)
733bb69d250c624647c0fd542aeed044cc46a21b Add Agent Service configuration request methods (#1608)
46096941419cded589ca7179e8b9ee397a515999 added Declarative table to model view controls (#1593)
3be0c5130a882a767fed66f3f003970322e60f3f Fixes accessibility for grid (#1592)
e50b5125806eb734083213ae09060918a60f5f8f fix keyboard issues in editable dropdown (#1600)
eb62d054de49feedbfd3920d114f58b257f4ca33 Update package.json
e870a309c0bdec9acfeb15cbbc6a3ffaa9478106 Agent: Filtering & Sorting (#1441)
3afd3b0ff32afa90275e558fd31c3cf3c4403157 fixed the compile error (#1601)
e3a2ed95d493e006780c1895e12e2845cda35976 Add wizard navigation validator (#1587)
20c4f085c8ab21ff41995b6ffb3d94bc9eeee9ab Fix custom UI validation bugs (#1583)
02af7e9299c6930b629216215254ca53d22108f8 Feature/model view list (#1551)
0ae9b36d931c63287c37b95e670d7aec0aee71b8 fix colors issues in dashboard (#1591)
2bbb2842e5259b90eb249f97eb7fa3de57afb59d Fix model view component updateProperties implementation (#1586)
a5b4eeb9329e58b3991736aeabf317bffe22acb5 Add loading spinner component (#1580)
44de602e526c0ba9778dc3833bae2e167d0cbb43 readd check on start up for tabs (#1585)
63fb4e2827a0a2f3d49c97e8b90a102c3bcff1cc Bootstrap Service Abstract injection (#1534)
0a839c73211f71ea07a8ddd32d0df4a4408a1c69 Agent layout fixes (#1559)
e9747a61ac4ac799f2eb73900142e84e37f62f97 fix error if close insight before laoded (#1557)
43c3bf4d24ebe23049d583ace9d27847e9671f88 Fix dashboard refresh (#1556)
-- Changes for 0.30.4
0bf642d200be70168a52d784774c9c0e99f6f05c Update sqlservices example for new webview messages API (#1569)
b2b69376c497507c7e91f61cd9d277fde555a247 address comments on support button icon (#1568)
38ad60478c18bc768c49d931b75e12a03adbaa3a  Support icon for button.component (#1565)
cf6a7198f9253d48bb8c46ee64ec6939e6520274 Fix error when calling layout on single-tab dialog (#1552)
ac8a926a70613d5657886a276b4518372e362577 added progress indication for database navigation in dashboard (#1529)
aef724493996e0b06a0a57d83f5ac74dd06281e9 add more specific label for dropdown (#1544)
628e2adc64f1476e18897e77e9efb6517d6ec11e change role of query buttons to button (#1543)
0c58f09e59fcd2b9d5262ebca7f9c0214412e2d9 Merge VS Code 1.23.1 (#1520)
e3baf5c4437a6721904fba43575f740c36ff44c9 Fix model view editor where switching between different type of editors remove the dom (#1546)
f70bf590cdf4b35b93b447cb57568d58d3e1a233 fixed the layout issue in model view containers (#1548)
473a414bc37f73c2880784ba4845ec330d4ebf62 added table componenet (#1542)
9ad4ec64645ac07a421f8f9d1df666f8d60debc6 Support view model toolbar (#1533)
a15c315a1cc3b286a778fcca97b0e1bbd00c8beb updated version after insider build release (#1538)
58036bb364253cdbb2ca75180b1124778c2ee132 Mssql edition context (#1537)
-- Changes for 0.30.3
40db0d6f6fca02e113c8aeeb7b34ace41fc765ae Only allow model view components to be added once (#1458)
4bfc5499276d8568965d54b26768d1c568d7da08 model view drop down now support editable and not editable list (#1460)
1461929f86feed01cfe5ba6dd829ef3807acc871 added text component (#1462)
36a899168299e31d25d8937fc47e8c6c59f7cc5f Feature/webview for model view (#1463) 
259306a8db03f838aeed000d80b492a4f4e09112 Fixed the issue with setting form's width (#1472)
04ec9caad1dafe47c636be018a001b3250c43492 Remove Jquery references (#1461) 
cd0f9b71c5e955428b4c42b83dd7c60866c6778e Fix view model editor layout (#1473)
1359354387640911e8134c3501b6f8e046bf6263 Angular Individual Service Injection - Decouple bootstrap service (#1457)
c208abf0c5802728780ed7259c5ea64589563fbd Fix view model editor and webview component (#1483)
2efea6300089474ec86b0ca1352e9c03462a6c3e Bump version to 0.30.3
8fce79f385a5e2852d79dbc167937fe81b8b1e52 fixed the selector name for model view components (#1488)
a13039b14b29d560786bd2c3a98bb635d2184092 added group container (#1508)
83842ee9e1913eb45b544f7eefa4d782c371eb94 fixed the path to fix the linux build error (#1512)
05d7e24e66dc8809ea4bd0b2d713b550647da2bb Agent UI fixes (#1510) 
f5b1bd0bc22b4cc922db6afe8f393a991cf100a0 fixed the issue with tab layout inside the dialog pane (#1515)
1a97e3de06b0edd49f121f35d48c65dff7e1abdc fix webview component css and add webview example (#1517)
edc60e0ad148595b8c27aa08db95497300364f4c Fix nullref exception showing query plan panel (#1516)
14a7a5534f638f6dd419e659b8e34592b786eca0 Add API for extensions to get data protocol providers (#1518)
0414ab6e6a4cc4e07ee2c8cb3fa9df7a1dd4992e Fixing launching new profiler from object explorer (#1514)
f2df9f39170f55f8fa8478711123770ca435ec4c Fix for double clicking column handle in results table where the column width would not update correctly when the longest row item is the top item in the viewPort (#1504)
498bb47d7f603575f10f070f5f8dd1125477c7c8 Add progress indicator for dashboard scripting (#1511)
1d3ead4031a771900c46a6c793b71fb87b7eb210 fixed crash because of extra detect changes call (#1519)
8a3509e0062448b1335a0fb2eab7050d50a3a07a removed discontinued red bar from error detail (#1521)
-- Changes for 0.30.2
6aac0b6056b9f45d6988d2d3796e65e6c9078eb6 Initial Profiler extension scaffolding (#1451)
8e234d9b2d4ea63fa1f155267aa764fce2e6c99d Enable basic wizard API (#1450)
70819252a952dddfd1cecc424f32504c485c5230 Add support for model view editor (#1442)
ba264d8311e404af8f0713668318b10c9315a0dd added radio button model view component (#1439)
5de002e5c113028812dae3933bca45cffe8f0f2d Change VS Code to SQL Ops Studio in screen reader dialog (#1448)
0b771abad29fbd059653e2f1ff9586b4a79ae065 Bump SQL Tools to 1.4.0-alpha.35 (#1447)
00041c8ecd1d16aa04c825b4027b1ddba8913e27 nump slickgrid (#1428)
0225d6d9f9ca7a63026cacf97a09bf04a2fef3da adds tab accessibility (#1433)
fb4260d71cf4237a7a6f145984bc0a16ae300602 Bump tools service for recent fixes (#1434)
fa253158f400a802604176e178798e0b107314e8  Update SQL Ops to 0.30.2 (#1437)
45e3c6ae49845b75efd4c5034a8bf91290879d0a added register content method to dialog and tab (#1415)
d526fe0f7f63809d3374bc458ec6d12165183a45 Fire model view close event when destroyed (#1427)
5707b58fda1562525e452f34231b62d1cddbf53c Make Webview support (#1429)
1a9f72dfe01c753c0f34a95c957c9bc718884d5f Rearrange done and cancel buttons and dispose dialogs correctly (#1420)
078f3a2b545a2ffa11748d713988e6a71894cb03 Add BETWEEN and REVERT to keyword colorization list (#1421)
-- Changes for 0.30.1
5bcfb9ab322c6ba656e03bedb397c07afc4690d3 Minor fix: callback data can be anything, shouldn't restrict to string (#1404)
9bd45cf66ace7b0178529e32eb4055a9db0e1b72 Add default model view input types and validation (#1397)
89c48bbe75c8f0aac1ff6f3d21ec1a862d7b97be Add option for using generic SQL queries to filter EditData rows via a query editor pane. (#1329)
6b549696c5c239faed16bcccfb596c214ec43c85 Bug/keyboard issue in manange linked account (#1400)
3aaf8a24bfffb988d1128c693b6569d12ac8a753 Fix form layout spacing (#1401)
41ffd6e8ae17ef10bfa06b2bd61f6070ab02e2b5 Add action list to cards with callback (#1392)
c0a6f3e012deca21d80c6aecb91ef9cd19c35382 fix theming issue in table widget (#1391)
eae8de037326592d2fca630ee3d38e86f76954ef Add grid.viewAsChart and grid.goToNextGrid keyboard shortcuts for editor  (#1390)
23ec6ac567fd285d0a711aa6cfcdc68caa9c67b2 Change angular panel display behavior (#1344)
f4cfb4a5efd42121045a079c8c98b2640628480f Fire done/cancel click events when dialog is closed (#1379)
80a9c82813ab512755743464c15a5b8faf60c533 Fix high contrast issues in task viewlet and panel (#1381)
bcd6178d67f6fd8e8722d7635d22d407593f6204 added properties to inputbox and form to be able to change style fro… (#1371)
f10e281ffc7b4b7944b7efdc2ce0f838a43b7b92 Add validation to model view components (#1356)
c2b32fd64aaced5c01a4e8214fc635c11abd562b Bump SQL Ops to 0.30.1 (#1369)
80f150dfb40af6041b99f6a7ca26d6aec3fee5f0 Update README for May release (#1359)
a5c5fcbde15b687735f4e8361b764ce773456a4b fixed tabbing for jobs history page (#1353)
0d76e845d59501372c25c64a154a8d4cf65e31fa update server reports extension screenshot (#1354)
979d50eb0e3d6b1dbc0d3d47278902d9775c2435 Add left nav bar for server reports extension (#1345)
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