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May Public Preview 0.29.3

May Public Preview 0.29.3

The May release is focused on stabilization and bug fixes leading up to the Build conference. This build contains the following highlights.

  • Announcing Redgate SQL Search extension available in Extension Manager
  • Community Localization available for 10 languages: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese!
  • Reduced telemetry collection, improved opt-out experience and in-product links to Privacy Statement
  • Extension Manager has improved Marketplace experience to easily discover community extensions
  • SQL Agent extension Jobs and Job History view improvement
  • Updates for whoisactive and Server Reports extensions
  • Fix GitHub Issues
    • #703 Entering HTML-like text in edit data causes value to display incorrectly until refresh
    • #821 sqlopsstudio.deb package dependency
    • #1260 keyword 'distinct' not highlighted
    • #1332 Edit data revert row doesn't work
    • #1215 SQL Agent extension and the status bar
    • #1316 SQL Agent Don´t resize after change windows size
    • Improve Manage Dashboard Properties scrolling

Announcing Redgate SQL Search extension

Redgate SQL Search in SQL Operations Studio extension is now available in the Extension Manager Marketplace! Redgate SQL Search lets you find database objects across all databases in the active connection. From the search results it's simple to jump to the object in the Object Explorer or to view the object's definition.

We definitely recommend installing this extension. As SQL Ops Studio evolves we'll rely heavily on extensions to provide core functionality, so we expect that most users will want to have several extensions installed for the best experience.

screen shot 2018-05-03 at 10 31 31 pm

Community Localization available

Community Localization resources for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are available for the May Public Preview. We'll continue working over the next couple months to get the product 100% localized.

We'd like to thank the translation community for helping to make SQL Operations Studio available to users in their preferred language!

The below screenshot shows an example using the Italian locale.


Reduced telemetry collection, improved opt-out experience and in-product links to Privacy Statement

There are several updates in May Public Preview that improve privacy protections. Specifically we reduced the telemetry being collected, improved the opt-out experience by adding a notification on first launch and added a Privacy Statement item to the Help menu.

screen shot 2018-05-03 at 10 53 55 pm

Extension Manager enhancements

The Extension Manager Recommended section has been replaced with a Marketplace section. The Marketplace will display all available extensions. Recommended extensions are sorted to the top.

Checkout out some of our 1st-party and community contributed extensions. And take a look at our Extensibility Getting Started page to see how easy it is to add your own extension to the marketplace!

Startup Performance improvements

We want SQL Operations Studio to be fast and efficient to maximize user productivity. Reducing the time it takes to launch SQL Ops Studio is one of the key scenarios where we've been making continual investments. Fortunately our upstream platform, Visual Studio Code, is also optimizing this same scenario. One key improvement we merged from VS Code's February release was ASAR Node module bundling.

We use product telemetry from the Startup scenario to understand how long users are waiting for SQL Ops Studio to launch. This telemetry allowed us to confirm that the April Public Preview delivered approximately 30%-40% startup time improvements for most users. Particularly users experiencing the slowest startups have seen the largest improvements.

The below chart shows startup times bucketed into key percentiles: 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%. This means, for example, at the 50% bucket half the startups were faster than that time and half the startups were slower than that time.


We hope you've noticed that the April release startup feels a bit more snappy! And thank you for opting-in to telemetry to allow us to effectively measure and improve SQL Operations Studio!

Contributions and "thank you

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute community localization translations:

  • French: Adrien Clerbois, ANAS BELABBES, Antoine Griffard, Arian Papillon, Eric Macarez, Eric Van Thorre, Jérémy LANDON, Matthias GROSPERRIN, Maxime COQUEREL, Olivier Guinart, thierry DEMAN-BARCELÒ, Thomas Potier
  • Italian: Aldo Donetti, Alessandro Alpi, Andrea Dottor, Bruni Luca, Gianluca Hotz, Luca Nardi, Luigi Bruno, Marco Dal Pino, Mirco Vanini, Pasquale Ceglie, Riccardo Cappello, Sergio Govoni, Stefano Demiliani
  • German: Anna Henke-Gunvaldson, Ben Weissman, David Ullmer, J.M. ., Kai Modo, Konstantin Staschill, Kostja Klein, Lennart Trunk, Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen, Mascha Kroenlein, Matthias Knoll, Mourad Louha, Thomas Hütter, Wolfgang Straßer
  • Spanish: Alberto Poblacion, Andy Gonzalez, Carlos Mendible, Christian Araujo, Daniel D, Eickhel Mendoza, Ernesto Cardenas, Ivan Toledo Ivanovic, Fran Diaz, JESUS GIL, Jorge Serrano Pérez, José Saturnino Pimentel Juárez, Mauricio Hidalgo, Pablo Iglesias, Rikhardo Estrada Rdez, Thierry DEMAN, YOLANDA CUESTA ALTIERI
  • Japanese: Fujio Kojima, Kazushi KAMEGAWA, Masayoshi Yamada, Masayuki Ozawa , Seiji Momoto, Takashi Kanai, Takayoshi Tanaka, Yoshihisa Ozaki, 庄垣内治
  • Chinese (simplified): DAN YE, Joel Yang, Lynne Dong, Ryan(Yu) Zhang, Sheng Jiang, Wei Zhang, Zhiliang Xu
  • Chinese (Traditional): Bruce Chen, Chiayi Yen, Kevin Yang, Winnie Lin, 保哥 Will, 謝政廷
  • Korean: Do-Kyun Kim, Evelyn Kim, Helen Jung, Hong Jmee, jeongwoo choi, Jun Hyoung Lee, Jungsun Kim정선, Justin Yoo, Kavrith mucha, Kiwoong Youm, MinGyu Ju, MVP_JUNO BEA, Sejun Kim, SOONMAN KWON, sung man ko, Yeongrak Choi, younggun kim, Youngjae Kim, 소영 이
  • Russian: Andrey Veselov, Anton Fontanov, Anton Savin, Elena Ostrovskaia, Igor Babichev, Maxim Zelensky, Rodion Fedechkin, Tasha T, Vladimir Zyryanov
  • Portuguese Brazil: Daniel de Sousa, Diogo Duarte, Douglas Correa, Douglas Eccker, José Emanuel Mendes, Marcelo Fernandes, Marcondes Alexandre, Roberto Fonseca, Rodrigo Crespi


--- Updates for 0.29.3
b54b4a44459b6c97afc0ef78a95a7f4c778280fe Fix a null ref exception in dashboard layout (#1348)
03989a5af071d110b4d1e406a70089f679796229 Fix scrolling in Jobs view page (#1346)
1847c2e3228d80b99fdf92f28e4e95b36982028f added checkbox component (#1330)
f7371e9ed5b9896ea792bc8bfa13ab3824a99db9 Update SQL Agent extension readme and version (#1343)
f696274740a9044f50e82c4942e52758cb13f3c2 Add details for each chart and update README (#1341)
-- Updates for 0.29.2
96ecf79d32198862cfee70f84f2ea9395af6d85f resize when window resized (#1335)
6d243e0ac875242f87ae6092b12b27e5d3779da3 reverting row which escape is clicked and fixed the issue with reverting rows (#1333)
8bf60f133fff28688b9b4645be3294babe0518eb Fix widget title in home tab (#1325)
3b9a3aba87385d28de2eb34a42c53b08fce92148 Close insights dialog properly when escape is pressed (#1319)
7ee13b4afb6076214ef3f8ab61ec61ba6a1a2856 Integrate resources from Community Localization platform (#1313)
31ac8d6acc791622a98fe2771492e449f8923047 Trim server name (#1308)
e82b7615b308ad0af949de77e1adaa2b88516eb5 Add more options to chart viewer (#1307)
6f10f7a21a123015089d037e1e29c2605962d896 Agent Improvements/Fixes (#1284)
46fb68214f54ae4f3c4b4a9bfe67577e2794b7bb added taskbar instead of custom action bar (#1288)
c2381424bc873c1922db2cce0422e12af1ffa8d8 Combine messages to reduce rendering time when possible (#1309)
31328e79becfc67f771dfbb761f56cc4db1217d9 clear the widget error every time it refreshes (#1306)
96657e300a15ab697b94f33821fab73d69fdbb0d Open inactive editors as sql editors when needed (#1298)
a2e6aa9e648a05b6d7c64cf607530c908bc63ff0 fixed extension filter and search (#1301)
-- Updates for 0.29.1
29e5712052a51669f3b48d2c05d77c8ae77d5ec2 Update SQL Tools to 1.4.0-alpha.25
cd140b5527fe7721ff5a5a9a5c303225e75bee77 Encode HTML when entered in edit data cells (#1302)
a0456bf4f7d7bc2a2cf261d33a2f5bb261171935 Remove all ID fields from telemetry (#1299)
55e3947cf7623b215d9e30a2b7ef8f9cf15ff55c Pick up Electron 1.7.12 (#1291)
db5156e4cd68dd8de11534f16f4bb247cbf45c90 Fix app name in Report Issue dialog (#1292)
eece0677a783525276b1ee653c9e982d0303383e added libunwind8 to Debian dependencies (#1290)
24e8c20511880e00a67b27449f5f8a93bb7bd8dd Simplify button logic and enable button updates for custom dialogs (#1283)
886717d330382ec77e75aade9ad43195ec38bd16 added dropdown and form layout to model view (#1269)
26b27a616a80ec011eccd79e23b32e8e8f4d46c0 Refreshing package-lock for samples since it's stale (#1287)
0c663e5555ae45755834069323fd08bb6c08abf8 Add AppInsights context flag to envelope  (#1282)
0f087915f683201557bdc719e15514e16ff5cde5 Agent/loading icon (#1263)
a78fa9c0f2443f0dd418249a1aefad40a7e7b996 Scroll properties (#1244)
b1752ea6358f9c7695ab09662ed83e7763f1a2cb Show all available extensions in Extension Manager  (#1273)
ec150917c22be921dd8e7338e2bf2b724a75b857 Fix button handle bug and add tests (#1267)
7a9a69c4399cf40ea4a5e51200aaf0973ecc4139 Add TRUNCATE to the keyword colorization list (#1270)
9e9862c6f04a37e5d6e5673328b9d4a12b9a2de1 Agent action icons fix (#1255)
7b76d929cdf1dd1db2042e9a9b010df62ebaeee8 Update README and CHANGELOG for April release (#1257)
1811dfa4237683e08a019f603f16cbcc72a58cc0 Expose custom dialog extension APIs (#1206)
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