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April Public Preview (0.28.6)

April Public Preview 0.28.6

The April Public Preview 0.28.6 release contains several additional bug fixes and improvements. Checkout the release notes for the 0.28.1 build to see all the core editor and workbench improvements delivered through the Visual Studio Code 1.21 platform source code refresh.

Highlights for this build include the following.

  • Improvements to SQL Agent Preview extension
  • Accessibility improvements for keyboard navigation, screen reader support and high-contrast mode.
  • Improved large and protected file support for saving Admin protected and >256M files within SQL Ops Studio
  • Integrated Terminal splitting to work with multiple open terminals at once
  • Reduced installation on-disk file count foot print for faster installs and startup times
  • Improvements to Server Reports extension
  • Continue to fix GitHub issues
    • #37 When the chart viewer throws an error, unexpected behavior occurs.
    • #462 Feature Request: Option for Server Groups to be expanded by default
    • #1023 Add square brackets for ms_foreachdb call from flyfishingdba
    • #1050 Clear insights view before showing error
    • #1057 Restore and new query actions in explorer-widget are broken
    • #1068 Dashboard Output windows pops-up with error message for Azure DB
    • #1069 Connection Dialog shows Server Required error when initially displayed
    • #1070 Server Groups now require a double-click to expand
    • #1072 Select control background is semi-transparent
    • #1115 Fix all high contrast accessibility issues in sqlops
    • #1101 Extension fails to upgrade "Download Manually" link goes to wrong location
    • #1103 V Scroll not working on Home Tab
    • #1104 SQL extension tabs stopped working
    • #967: Expect query plan when select XML showplan in the result grid
    • #606 intellisense - Bad suggestion for 'update' command
    • #1048 Pre-login SSL/TLS handshake error
    • #1150 Various types of query charts throw exceptions and don't render

SQL Agent for SQL Operations Studio Preview extension

Since SQL Operations Studio was released for Public Preview, one of the most requested features was providing SQL Agent support. Bringing over the most popular SSMS features has always been on our roadmap, but we wanted to make sure we did this the right way. With SQL Operations Studio, we had an opportunity to bring a modern user experience to our features while maintaining the same functionality that our users are experts with.

Please try out our early SQL Agent Preview extension. In this initial release we've focused on Jobs List and Job History scenarios. Configuration scenarios to create Jobs, Operators, Alerts and Schedules will be coming in future releases.


Contributions and "thank you

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • flyfishingdba for Add square brackets for ms_foreachdb call (#1023)


-- Updates for 0.28.6
4b88b67bed45eac857bc42b7861202cdc035711e update Server Reports README (#1250)
a2734807ca818cc364cb71c2ba0260a8123c9b61 Agent bugs and fixes (#1243)
d0d4df313e787abfb143501939119268f94f3337 Initial improvement in sp_whoisactive (#1249)
1efd5e6502fd7a371f9238c0f555bb29d2a6464f change keyboard shortcut for focusOnCurrentQuery (#1241)
b12cac0ac30f0f968d746d5576f87ee343cdad47 Changed DB Space Usage and DB Buffer Usage to show only top 10 data and update README (#1248)
-- Updates for 0.28.5
3b90530717fa16ae289f6b4255b8f65cb089a893 Feature/agent finishes (#1237)
f199c7a63ca14e5be15b2ffeac25ae4a05014c28 Fix instance of "Code" in git fetch user prompt (#1234)
50a2526d1fd235cdbf56297487473dcf75335887 Only show SQL Agent for on-prem instances (#1233)
7fb8a28b5953d124de97852bc299950d09ad9c85 properties isn't scrolling (#1225)
30a825438e012b44479d7d2b1fe94864c41d7d5e Fix issue where chart type select is missing for tables (#1232)
f63da13210b9e218a014eaa93399168669bdc894 Handle errors when chart is invalid for given data (#1226)
08d73675d40c695dac1eb89475b3cc492b18f20b Fix bar chart displaying extra series (#1230)
f0f6c00a0eabbc05a728a175482501bdd9b29982 Updated extension gallery link to Azure blob storage (#1220)
965458ca74b66eb266eacd5db94227028a4c0260 Add Query Editor API to sqlops.proposed (#1196)
b30f7ee41c03b8f25efc8ca54084841430776cd2 Add Redgate Search to recommended extensions list (#1212)
a2eb53ce0b1d0db9d824c3fc9fcf58b0d5f2fda0 add theming for selectbox in edit data (#1210)
619c816e7f92d8d119c1c2d0945cd19e6b2f5bfe (tag: 0.28.4) Fix flex container and card layout issues (#1195)
3d6fb7a8fa8e941306109f69bc094e307b9ff8c2 Update SQL Tools Service to 1.4.0-alpha.23 (#1202)
-- Updates for 0.28.4
891624c085594d9bfa9ddca151b5e2e4e7622316 Fix #1198 Extension gallery doesn't show dashboard contributions in Contributions tab (#1200)
a7c4686980a54eecaff165ed4fa361dd64f7e3b9 Feature/input box component (#1190)
93aa052856e5397766d287f8ec32a3eefcdc980d Initial work for custom model view dialogs (#1183)
61d05f67826da4329dcb1df7b0d2d0c227e8e8bb adds coloring for unfocused tables (#1182)
60ccae48f1214a8b8ff019743a08bfaade200ac0 add auto refresh interval to insights (#1173)
4b454581fd355239f0148c0652ede35f0c332037 fix task icon in dashboard (#1174)
f0aadebd2c907f876a1ff10161663c633fb636d5 fix chart viewer accessibility (#1164)
d3f0ac7954d269f931691d95ece5eaa687646d8c refactor model components to not reference any dashboard services (#1168)
134f76c17f9893edda92be9a45cabb93134f6d39 Feature/agent finishes (#1149)
b9c877a1097b4abc294795893c2d3bd841507130 Add a "Telemetry Opt-Out" menu item (#1172)
aa243a8aae7c8a436a05a8dffe6ec0aad3aec70c ensure npm install copies typings (#1170)
e5c1c6f5449d780faf0e775738dadc330ca60f9b fix regression in insight widget where the data is set twice (#1163)
9e9f85079e88aa86cdc380fa26e3476fbd85eeec fix up backup dialog for accessibility (#1155)
ae8e2e1f8973876babe05aa6c60a85391ffa5b58 Add showTopNData option to insight charts (#1157)
b2c70e9301266e6021945a80b479e6fa9ea5f072 Feat/model backed ui (#1145)
e022f4a0d173c2d303f9f993c51f4ee76f6702bc add title to back button (#1154)
8bc32e6371dcdc2a8d7dd7e6fae0c03a390d7ffd add accessibility for panel (#1138)
f739c47984f0949afe64212d5f58cdb0cd198a9d Adds aria labels to all input ui (#1136)
13fb9fdfd24254281841db71f8cb3b2fd125304e Add keyboard shortcuts for focus on current query and go to next output query tab (#1153)
9a5f51bfbfb7d5b991e23964d6b7aeb35ed3d1a1 Focus on the first focus-able when toggle result and message (#1147)
06bab6a38c6a5362eb7450bc93817e745ddefe99 Add Privacy Statement and License menu items  (#1148)
c35a14d8fdc14fb29765f9f101cbeea203d9d3f7 Fix incorrect source header from previous commit (#1146)
b9140731476c58441a2c2b78312f3b6974ead70b Add missing double-quotes to insights schema description (#1139)
04ae18143b14e56cbca46acf8f3da27f3926cdbf fix backup URI (#1137)
efe8e81b6ecf4dc42b0d51cf5b8a04e8a2f44d4a Connection inputs labels (#1129)
c33ddfabf9bfc4fcc2afdbdc2ea11efb66a1020d add necessary attributes for accessibility on the results grid panes (#1126)
8ec5451e6423ab836676f3dde473c78fee79852c Feature/agent2 adbist (#1113)
091d4cb924e03ac7bb875eba48e9358f5f680203 enable keyboard for explain button and Line1 link in message pane (#1132)
cd0210c88a9ae4802919d452de328d17d74cbd7e Port VS Code telemetry opt-in dialog (#1130)
ed10f984b650ebe027eba2710240704e9e747baa refactored collapsing widget, fixed refreshing a collapsed widget (#1107)
-- Updates for 0.28.3
495b4ee7c298430b4118a10db1c8a2d9bc317d88 fix all high constrast issues in sqlops (#1115)
7833c28b7a01867b26cdb98b92590917e1466ea3 fixed the bug with using vs code url to download manually (#1108)
bbfb68b082b9b10debc5a89c958c126ec66834f6 fix the keyboard issue where table is empty (#1110)
a327889d05dcc0645abbb6542ec1ab0a31b156d8 Fix Dashboard Errors (#1106)
5ac89e5a498f488ec9f0d08405dfef384935e89d Open query plan link when select XML showplan in the result grid (#1092)
849653927a095949bcea6a565c3be58e0c00828a Fix #1095 "Run kinit" helper no longer runs kinit (#1102)
-- Updates for 0.28.2 build
3545483fc1087b8f3756f3b2e5b399353c625bd2 Update action collapsed state with emitter (#1099)
e5a1896414d958752fb42a7d7aabeb49014d03d7 Clear connection validation messages on open (#1097)
bec8e7268815bb9f7b7d3bf54cb00445d4f3ebd9 fix problems with low result count breaking insights (#1052)
86748e6d69c2afafe0b65e8f1542242e64bd0bae clear insights view before showing error (#1050)
596f09f7544ed1769f8c721e47ebd4378f208ecd add custom action for explorer actions (#1059)
563e25f07373f10b16ca19d0a02eecebb4ff2fdc add custom output channel (#1087)
21826583019142a7b12fb0df0abea5bb12b55429 Fix OE single click and expand groups by default (#1096)
3990719054d1362d914e9c5274d5bb97e607bc10 Rename registeredServers to objectExplorer (#1093)
071b510fba986969b73d14da0c1edbb8fd2dce6b add dropdown background color for sqlops light and dark themes (#1088)
d2d2ade9f7c29349ffbbca778903356b3f1e999b register feature for language client for agent (#1086)
d97d2e5c91a9b3fbe882e0119a0bf07ee72f66ad Reenable logging for SQL Tools Service (#1089)
a6ba44e435ef5ebe5ef720748d76bb129e774662 Fix accessibility issue for clear history button in connection dialog (#1084)
782623cba9a641d58c14d77926463fb95355632b fix keyboard issues in task and explorer widgets (#1064)
36045c5381c2e361566f0dfab0c23e737a41ce97 added caching for jobs view and history page (#1056)
-- Updates for 0.28.1 build
7e49167530f59d2ba8b68bae386124d757f906a0 Bump SQL Tools version to 1.4.0-alpha.18 (#1075)
dafb7809875f49856b9b38e823a2f7dbd72733dd Merge VS Code 1.21 source code (#1067)
5fba3e31b4265f0a7eb8ed20b929b62e9412273f fixed css issues (#1066)
0315020cf00dd5ed40dc16009f613648b12249c2 change enum type to conform to new connection (#1053)
6dca89676834040eb8368355c513d9abf2979a79 When we click in recent connections the connection profile doesn't get updated (#1060)
90454fbe87815e088b01ffa0b632c7cfaa333c74 Fixing the provider name (#1051)
f9b2136494ac1e411389ad686c33e64a49677601 Fix the scrollbar issue in widget container (#1016)
e6a65599fd237195b90579e96aafd73d14cbc233 fix client options in mssql (#1044)
32ac907403d755dbeed9eeffcf30a807983531df crypto is part of node now (#1033)
3af05d62b2a927dce93765563083e24e615221c2 Add square brackets for ms_foreachdb call (#1023)
b5d8dfa5095ec854f934abb3f7c13990ff217e86 Agent WIP (#1031)
612987d1e594150b9e94dfaec67eceb274df5e5f fix the close icons in sqlops (#1032)
916598e02902f24218849b296a2402b94ff3b1be Agent work (WIP) (#1012)
c45c6349383e855aec6e66c9cb64d05727ff7a40 change layout to refresh (#1025)
1bed0d073338868a6febdecb0581c2b46b53c48e rename sqlops extension (#1002)
e0075b7633bf78ab3742ac1cf0ba1dfe40c31e89 fix error in task widget (#1017)
0029767561f06cd68e632d2d51eea263fff9ea12 add dev depencies to keep yanr from erroring during build (#1015)
93f9828d04bf6439bdf974b88ce696d4209058bb Focus connection dialog on password when prompting for it (#1019)
b2a96bbe501e8b442a71a41deed8b76523972642 Fix/use sqlops engine version (#1011)
2414f437575dbef36961943836b96d4e2fc7806d Refactor out extensions-modules and rewrite mssql extension (#909)
22c54a99171a77169a9b1a69a53d38b03001abd3 connection contribution point (#880)
31f75a46c82fe7b905a1ae838e711a1d6778540c add proper typings to sqlops (#1010)
ddfb61b46a90eff380ecaf71229ad628b5f57374 change settings to only affect grid; remove default fontfamily (#989)
9a2e8cffedd45e4eb5f06c7dfbbc3226087c8d49 Use nvarchar(128) for database name in db space script (#999)
08d97cc7950f031489821629a8d19f1c3cdc443f Bump SQL Ops to 0.28 for April release train (#993)
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