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March Public Preview (0.27.3)

March Public Preview (0.27.3)
The March Public Preview release is focused on improving our Extensibility story and continuing to address top GitHub issues. Specifically enabling Extension Manager, improving the Manage Dashboard and providing a couple Insights extensions. Please see the following details.

  • Enhance the Manage Dashboard extensibility model to support tabbed Insights and Configuration panes
  • Dashboard Insights extensions for sp_whoisactive from
  • Extension Manager enables simple acquisition of 1st-party and 3rd-party extensions
  • Add additional Extensibility APIs for connection and objectexplorer management
  • Community Localization open for 10 languages
  • Continue to fix important customer impacting GitHub issues
    • #572 Jump to object in Object Explorer
    • #850 Can we create a table as an insight widget?
    • #730 Script as Delete should be Script as Drop
    • #760 Save Query dialog shows *.sql twice
    • #90 Make database selection dropdown list wider
    • #132 Copy empty string from results pastes "null"
    • #885 too much whitespace in tree
    • #614 Saving dialog - Remember last selected folder
    • #704 Insight Last Updated time doesn't update on refresh
    • #764 Add shortcut for toggle results pane

Community Localization Open
Recently we announced SQL Operations Studio availability on the new Microsoft Community Localization platform. Localization is now opened for 10 languages: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese (Brazil). You can contribute to localization for both software and docs.

Extension Manager enables simple acquisition of 1st-party and 3rd-party extensions
The Extension Manager makes it easy to discover and acquire additional SQL Operations Studio functionality. We've adopted the in-product extension management experience from Visual Studio Code. For users unfamiliar with this UI it consists of the following components.

  • 'Marketplace' of Recommend Extensions which can be easily discovered and installed
  • List of Installed Extensions which can be disabled or uninstalled
  • Extension Details page that displays the extensions readme content and other metadata

Extensibility is a key tenet of the SQL Operations Studio project roadmap. We plan to make available both 1st and 3rd features as extensions. We look forward to working with the community to build a rich tools ecosystem. Please contact us on Gitter if you're interested in building an extension.

Note: If you don't see the Extension Manager icon you may need to enable it using the Activity Bar context menu Extensions command.

Dashboard Insights extensions for sp_whoisactive from

The March release introduces improved Manage Dashboard extensibility. Extensions can now provide
tab panels to the dashboard to group related functionality. Check out the sp_whoisactive extension
as a great example of using the dashboard insights extensibility points.

Here are some notes from the extension readme. Sp_whoisactive is a procedure written by Microsoft MVP Adam Machanic. It is a very useful tool for activity monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Who is Active is a DMV-based monitoring stored procedure that uses 15 different views to show a large amount of data about what’s running on your server
  • Who is Active was designed to be extremely flexible, and includes options to not only get different types of data, but also to change the output column list and sort order

Checkout the source code for the whoisactive extension and other extensibility samples at


-- Changes for 0.27.3 build
5127811dc1c7f71b246a8be50f9c1cee9ecadeab Tabs should fill entire panel (#995)
f2db47893fdc16718e14ed788b90d448454132bd Go back to using VS Code's tab close icons (#997)
-- Changes for 0.27.2 build
2f8f6064a147958fd3c1c713ed89b41053450db4 Fix Script as Drop label (#988)
ab91c88b342543fe213218a07419eacdb0bd9530 Revert "Results grid options (#962)" (#979)
-- Changes for 0.27.1 build
f91010c398913a292fb5e76fd9080e0624b1dcd8 add table insight (#976)
cd0d0f911bd0cdc9462208728a3622479a0ddc2b Feature/extension recommendations (#977)
a226e90c3829a91716786a34bddcd32ff4d109a2 return copy of array rather than reference (#971)
357bb1916e7c1e24a99fb457504662efca68c5fc Initial SQL Agent merge for March release (#961)
7099b116515ab8a6703da8934f1088f213aecd78 Add sample for server reports (#960)
27e9e8ec2b0b861667f9f090717b2e57a952048b Changed Ops to Operations (#959)
cb1d630cfbba5765f4e9ce4489f78f1e49fae6f6 Connection dialog tabbed panel should use block display (#964)
cb7b8b956f08b857e505759d53c43aa0e49b3abb Fix for duplicate extensions shown in "Save File" dialog. (#779)
a0608a51c159960d1f215239d1eb09d61bbeef1a Bring in recent tools service changes (#957)
217f5e7ee52592877c143dd39f8a4bd0b86eb92c fit and finish for dashboard (#951)
50c4fd79b713abb3c47c562ef49bfadc13061f5a Add the first version of whoisactive project (#943)
f76e8ae2c54e35be8bf78541d2d005b182403d6e fit and finish for open dashboard dialog (#954)
089577c5a8ab8d6ecf4cbef10a899eabf79e826f fix action execution in insight dialog (#942)
c116f933e24cbda663387cae3d29a95cbeabeee7 Resize grids and detect changes when toggling panel visibility (#944)
-- Changes for 0.27.0 build
fe496ab03b08712ea9d12a2022bec330f7e834fb fix the UI for nav bar (#937)
3c3d8417e9f94c4230d41c620252f55627d5f04b vbump slickgrid (#934)
2b2672e4bd34d2ebe3be88d6116eeb27c537084e Enable object explorer find nodes API (#936)
1bfc8c1914be89fa40d77959fe238d47a55e374f Ellipse on editable dropdown for long values (#908)
2f854cce4a8f12ddeee46c3fdd1e12db1bc559be correctly detect undefined for input strings during copy (#906)
40550d0840e21025a313220105dc3a13ca2de8f4 rename context key databasename to databaseName (#903)
38bedea0bddadd29fc94a8aaeece9e5c92e0afe3 Add findNodes Object Explorer API (#916)
75ab5c1a36690ea7fd0164bf63c39ac1f1beadb2 add samples (#920)
3d7c081068de793c9c6163213a06bfeb2acdf1ed Fix formatting in Localization section of readme
c276bd8a37cee640b4a635ce17eed5a4f1f79989 Add localization 'Help Wanted' section to readme (#915)
890bece70c9f9369f77950f846f81cf3fd20ea98 changing the extension gallery url for insider builds (#902)
4a4fe584d507cae6b6305e12910926d5274cb9b0 Fix tab contrib to be accurate (#901)
bcd72d21c7236f502a434c0b93ac0275d096363b Tasks schema registration (#900)
722f5e56cd3efa024ec45f7e85f9a43f7f444dc5 Add dashboard context (database vs server) to scoped context (#893)
f3c7b2416b25d9f0c9348cdd29123979f4261dcc Support icons in panel  (#895)
383d74ceb42040cafbbba8842a15d7b6a259d62a Dashboard Minor code cleanup (#894)
64f61b2954924f01f75c9a5d3757cba324dae12d Fix several dashboard issues and add telemetry (#889)
5c0002404adb9bcf67559633ea1af6378c62cee1 Task context + schema (#849)
66f39fd3eb68fe804f2f1711e742f8106c86fa38 supporting sql built-in extensions (#890)
e79e3bdf1d4685d31f68879ea8bb5abcee6f85aa Adjust ObjectExplorer spacing to 25px (#886)
9dd3ec91797049aa7a07d6d33c844e362b081b94 add window resize listener to webview for resize (#866)
c06ab27d085bff69cb305467da1735fbdbb93190 Object Explorer API (#783)
fab4185c1f3915d40039a4e5e9e81693468d5cbb Change visibility type for panel hiding (#864)
bc4b399f87c11f5235e7881845cd3e7a4fcd8599 Fix "always show" for dashboard tab to behave like pinned by default (#879)
52544fa9535321a6d312ac7064fbba7dcef00a91 changed the format of rowspan and colspan to be string or number (#859)
8b2ea4f0a05f91a94976fa21a05ed4160808d218 Capabilities Cache (#831)
45b1ae1fb17f477d220c30fc906fa4c60340d9f9 Improve experience in "open installed features" dialog (#876)
090ac6eab23e2f9e9df49b663a2b388101ebfbc9 Persist save file location throughout a session (#772)
b7169f3da974eaed915843a39e50050554bac577 Add Gitter badge (#868)
587c3ab43621945de2bb019af8be8caf8cf5939d Handle error when loading the dashboard (#862)
80bbd9dbf3b4008d0e8168dc00265ef1edca8f41 update insight last update time on refresh (#841)
c019175fffd47b142a2cf8b62bcf2d79d8c77400 fix the lock files (#861)
7f79ab47ace08d9a8a0cc8074886b079b343051e Error handling for dashboard tab contributions  (#851)
ba188189a82d398a4a437d759a7edf0bc95bb9e9 Credentials and Serilization shouldn't register for all features (#833)
8e6359b3a439b48b0397bf6d1b8e3cb135244c95 fix nav section layout (#854)
aac77ed9826f58e507d96aa70ca3de32f4a1c97b Update README to add section for design note links (#856)
1d284ea66ac76eeb3590ea4ec8b520bdb6cd5a13 fixed the grid layout schema and fixed layout bugs (#847)
9f5268101d569cc802e2557e17925d9b378ae472 integrate with contextkeyservice (#804)
0bba972657089f8ff9dd4b4ec33bb5bc89d9326d Fix few dashboard panel issues (#801)
bab9fc01ea127c17403f14b34d9e0d8a30d94626 focus on the first tab in the nav section by default (#823)
692ed02df862050cb1d7f5cab7f943dd00bbd960 Collapsible properties (#771)
2e67d03b567f930525dd2c3d8b0cf24b359dfd6c fixed the grid layout sizing issue (#824)
56ca3406c4f4f748b90cdc4136071613edb35d4e Fix pin, unpin and close icon issues (#822)
94e8ce5185116d2b324c178d67881488dea0dd30 Update version field in sql syntax file. (#828)
bb54b0280a062305f0773e111d5ab14448ef026d Do not apply hc arrow when loading items in OE (#827)
a99c34d817347cd9dc15ef7178a46ed85eeea84b fix install location for service (#811)
c06f45cf0e2f659781066f1b27b1f3841cf59035 Fix duplicate localization ids (#803)
8114498fb5291b4640b68de3f4e100a4010d4aeb writing telemetry into a file when running the app for perf tests (#802)
889b60a71bb877087da90dd959a44bd4662db25d support grid container in nav section (#796)
45023b2e7134f1b8693e6f9f5dda60ede4ec236f Revert "Remove widgetContent" (#795)
1c08e64651a4920fb56998528ed2868f70fea767 fix dataprotocol developement problems (#788)
3432dac261281b8955f9c9d46e59551fb66cf7fc Task contribution (#742)
5adab4fafba1254e29851d3153058b4e1e72a843 remove widgetContent (#784)
d45aebcd19386cc6bb41b7f6c789d5e0c5fca412 Bump SQL Ops to version 0.27.0 (#782)
6bf21e43407543f572e228cef549a2207d32fe41 fix layout issue for left nav bar and dashboard (#773)
7ee6dfa21efc89697b8289a6ff3e34125cd65e06 Add shortcut for toggle results pane (#764)
bd7341ddc2dade5a5ca2848ba6cd77ba1a09fb89 Tab contribution support both inline container and registered container (#766)
f9d8f479b5e9f4cb6b02fdbb91b7b45ae7e57abb Move dashboard properties, fix scroll (#758)
fdc956e116b0989f171476be3034e99381572549 Removed duplicate contribution from (#753)
a44df9adab86b54b975b2f25332cf08e3dff3c9c vbump htmlqueryplan to 2.4 (#744)
dbc2ce0b3ac4ce49e73544d63fc7ff09b5ddd65a Refactor and rename dashboard tabs part 1 (#755)
51b8e02455d443662917b80fcf19bb6cfc135304 Support left nav bar and inner tabs (#751)
4f9dfe9afa5a66b904b19b8ebaf304f675e41189 initial check in for dashboard grid layout (#740)
db05ed840d54d7edf22fb44105cdc36c04812081 removed rating and installs from extension manager UI (#743)
8570910a430785ef9cac8f264bbc1f2f4c271af0 Move protocol client out (#643)
c166ce112b9aa029151a9aeff38294cf47bf2ee8 Refactor dashboard tabs to have widgets and webview tab contents  (#716)
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