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February Public Preview (0.26.7)

February Public Preview (0.26.7)

0.26.7 takes an additional update to address
0.26.6 takes an additional update to address
0.26.5 takes an additional update to address
0.26.4 is the final planned build for Feb. Though we may take additional fixes as needed prior to 2/15/2018.

February Preview Insiders Build 0.26.1

The February Preview Insiders Build 0.26.1 is the initial test build for this month's release planned on 2/15/2018. Some of the highlights in this build include the following.

  • Fix #6 Keep connection and selected database when opening new query tabs
  • Fix #22 'Server Name' and 'Database Name' - Can these be drop downs instead of text boxes?
  • Fix #481 Add "Check for updates" option.
  • SQL Editor colorization and auto-completion fixes
    • #584 Keyword "FULL" not highlighted by IntelliSense
    • #345 Colorize SQL functions within the editor
    • #300 [#tempData] latest "]" will display green color
    • #225 Keyword color mismatch
    • #60 invalid sql syntax color highlighting when using temporary table in from clause
  • Introduce Connection extensibility API
  • VS Code Editor 1.19 integration
  • Update JustinPealing/html-query-plan component to pick-up several Query Plan viewer improvements

Auto-Update Installation

The plan is to publish the February Public Preview release as an auto-update from the January Public Preview release. We want to use the February Insiders builds to test the auto-update feature. The 0.26.2 build will be released as an auto-update to 0.26.1 (assuming there are no issues that require publishing a new build to successfully support auto-update).

Connection Dialog 'Database' Drop-down

The Connection Dialog 'Database' field is now a dynamically populated drop-down list that will contain a list of databases populated from the specified server.


Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • SebastianPfliegel for Add cursor snippet (#475 )
  • mikaoelitiana for fix: revert README and CONTRIBUTING after last VSCode merge (#574 )


-- Changes for 0.26.7 build
cea52d2314b7306f57ba231c6ffa366cf262f5f0 add a false output channel to the other place we create a client (#720)
-- Changes for 0.26.6 build
f1b64918cefcd735d39fb4bedd5dde524c711356 Bump SQL Ops Studio to 0.26.6 (#702)
005e3f1476c234900ee49a52cfabe1d4e8a9639e fix packaged build dropdown icon (#701)
f5a866aa423983169f4ea81898169416bdc0a35f clone value to keep from getting previous settings (#688)
-- Changes for 0.26.4 build
f1ddea986ada5b616f985741714536a9f79ed3fb Change Windows setup so that sqlops restarts after auto-updating (#684)
040549d2647358a58d30a3d857292f5570471e72 Connection Dialog: Database dropdown followup issues fix (#662)
73fbd787d844d317f3e3bed7740143a5a8824934 Reinstate menu item to install from VSIX (#682)
b6f848eff18158b7708f8796509a624dba9bd19f Bump SQL Ops version to 0.23.4 for next build (#677)
6f21d6e27ed27cad9375dddf9839dcce971e8730 Output undefined channel for client (#675)
af9c3d38727f75969e0f9b9ca5454b38dce4af52 bump slickgrid (#674)
7806a29bed65ad8d42a92a6cb2f8e132de434625 Bump SQL Tools Service version for fix (#669)
0412b643d2dddc953763f5dfaea83d6c0729ec6c fix rerender insight widget issue (#663)
-- Changes for 0.26.3 build
d7ee37a9465937e5a8b65204dbb1d2fb12256e93 Bump SQL Ops to 0.26.3 (#659)
af53a13e6b66698b25aa78c478fa2d331bde0754 Register credential provider after language client onReady (#657)
98fa028ce55ae17c5f0c5c5b4754268b53ec67dc Bump tools service to 1.4.0-alpha-9 (#658)
6c83736626f9460ad8e9d62c0d49742e32ed5eaf Update flat action bar icons (#652)
959b4fbab520a6d51df833c9a1faa7e3ff4e2614 Object Explorer: Refresh OE node if database restored (#607)
3b7ff61000167f810a2aee676288ebf01f07d52c Reapply publish script changes lost in VS Code 1.19 merge (#653)
cf283a9266096a0e6eb01d8d08803a696ce6ff42 Remove unneeded files from packaged builds (#642)
e28b86ea8772a07aafab88864f149ea759bf1066 Fix some minor connection db dropdown bugs (#637)
362664c4d8b5d4dd19b0f495f2121e4e55e79978 Redo changes for object explorer arrow colors (#633)
c860a0edb2ad1fe2655642723825cc01768a1747 Update angular2-slickgrid version (#628)
-- Changes for 0.26.1 build
e5eaacca6bad043d3e157ff1e6275efe9d94f617 Bump SQL Tools Service to 1.4.0-alpha-8
a8c7c695093d83e0de5fc5ae800025c35e4ad19c Connection Dialog: Dropdown for database name (#583)
579e6bf0cb4d51122e58295fcc8ec8e2a4ac2f1e Fix additional regressions in master (#621)
24ea675d7dc49eb28378f241a93f0844a8870e4f Edit Data: Fix editing stopping after tab switch (#579)
3df522536f5a869b5e827fa933e9a7a26c5ba835 Introduce connection API (#598)
f5aa49ebb9fb38ff174723c0353b5c7efa601d8a Fixes the 'undefined' in connection tree when capabilities not loaded (#617)
3076390eb1cbb4fa440abf0597722ebb78f6b443 Skip opening sqlops after install if the setup exe is run with the VERYSILENT option. (#611)
b7c935c6024133a9ba341fecb2e58fa0f90cb1e0 Fix several regressions in master (#613)
bbb0f39a94b4a4f0560627dd37f076407bf29fbc Don't cut off dashboard icons when they expand (#601)
fe04fd72bce8883ead19c401a7fbe3b413cfc89a Update query editor colorization to match SSMS (#580)
234c2f7c9e3002f071037b4811d78b7f17495833 Random undefined access (#582)
1b2e264c7d56f46661ad9818cf33df6e66955256 Dialog with custom UI API  (#561)
03baf3610a5e56012ea0beb86f3224f20511ecf4 fix: revert README and CONTRIBUTING after last VSCode merge (#574)
251ae01c3e9ec484991a90891613b1de2ae339ce Initial VS Code 1.19 source merge (#571)
9a1ac207104d9cd958b8b4d3ea310336cd8849f3 Show current connection info in the status bar (#551)
f640bda80281b464bca376be8b07c5ef09e1cc83 bump slickgrid to take a hot fix (#552)
a63800deb1a7b8a4476bc3bafd2bf664ad800f97 Add global current connection (#505)
e432884e25b4689a9dec31c84f65100fd5a303ca Update jquery (#532)
006eedd3a18ec0f7bce811f74f3b306b766bbf28 Update vscode build publishing scripts for use with sqlops (#518)
cb4fe55bef456d094de5244fc6167b960afcf7b1 bump html query plan (#517)
e2efe69b73f1f138ec54729d98f71ca8aacd50cd fix sizing issues with explorer widget (#502)
edd867b6fcc8a8a3cf63147c4d09f42f10f62c8e Fix #494 Connection error when connecting to an Azure SQL Server with no firewall rule (#497)
78084964161fbe72e011cef1778a87f16dbb7394 Update dataprotocol client (#418)

Known Issues

We are working through issues in the February milestone for this month's Public Preview build. See this issue query for remaining planned work A couple notable issues include the following.

latest releases: 1.32.0, 1.31.1, 1.31.0-2...
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