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January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.4

January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.4
Minor bug fix update that re-enables HotExit and fixes auto-update metadata. Please see previous 0.25 releases for additional details on January updates.

Change Log

475904d2b2e32e7f91284c199234399ee7d5d418 Fix #494 Connection error when connecting to an Azure SQL Server with no firewall rule (#497)
11ef8fc78418a433d1b51fcf07779602b1bfb8b2 Update changelog and readme for Jan release (#496)
fcb6f7f9ee63816bfb4bf3566281ba797a315fd2 open-url changes
94bd1c4d7d82c8d21bc9dbb5cb67b0d99ad091a5 Bump SQL Ops to 0.25.4 for next Jan release candidate build (#483)
e4a0e4e0c179e64f18d53c560e259917fb1588fd Add cursor snippet (#475)
a69a9778a616c227d9ed158e21fd4c4a63bdc445 Fix update package download paths (#476)
6d3995aa298394db3d9fb992e883fcf21e5fbbe0 Enable hot exit for saved files (#469)
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