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January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.2

January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.2
January release candidate build. We'll likely pick up this fix prior to planned Jan 17th release #469 Enable hot exit for saved files.

Change Log

Version 0.25.2

  • Release date: January 17, 2017
  • Release status: Public Preview

What's new in this version

The January release focuses on addressing a few of the top upvoted feature suggestions, as well as fixing high-priority bugs. This release period coincides with holiday vacations, so the churn in this release is
relatively scoped.

Here's some of the highlights in the January release.

  • Tab-coloring based on Server Group
  • Saved Server connections are available in Connection Dialog
  • Enable HotExit feature Pending testing and bug fix port
  • Fix broken Run Current Query command
  • Fix drag-and-drop breaking scripting bug
  • Fix incorrect pinned Start Menu icon
  • Fix missing Azure Account branding icon
  • Change "Server name" to "Server" in Connection Dialog

Contributions and "thank you"

We would like to thank all our users who raised issues, and in particular the following users who helped contribute fixes:

  • alextercete for Fix "No extension gallery service configured" error (#427)
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