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January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.0

January Preview Insiders Build 0.25.0
This is the initial January release insiders build. January release will primarily focus on bug fixing and minor feature improvements. Some highlights and full changelog are below.

  • Enable HotExit feature to automatically reopen unsaved files
  • Add ability to access saved connections from Connection Dialog
  • Set SQL editor tab color to match Server Group color
  • Fix broken Run Current Query command
  • Fix broken pinned Windows Start Menu icon

Saved Connections available in Connection Dialog

The Connection Dialog now contains a "Saved Connections" tab that contains the list of saved server connections from the Servers "Object Explorer" viewlet.


SQL Editor Tab Color to match Server Group Color

SQL query editor and dashboard windows will have the same color as the Server Group used to open the window. This feature can be disabled using the following setting "sql.enableTabColors": false.



ee80bddd174afdc2e04f1a087a34d2816dff6b4c Remove unneeded npm package references from mssql (#438)
c9067a0bafbfdd33388c5c3ce70c7b2afa32f367 Install tools service relative to extension (#437)
ecc978a69509063ba97e6e6c705e43107de84dc7 Update copyright date to 2018 (#431)
4a28e813c55ad19abb33d7da31b7c27557c596f8 changed icon color when tree selected for light theme (#425)
b8db4a76b4fc2e94171837000a55768987b396e2 Fix broken Run Current Query command (#420)
e8b1b1a75ff6fed3b7d244e3a07900cd30e3fff9 Add saved connections to connection dialog (#411)
874b242944e011b6c95edbb04bc8817e7e1f6144 fix theming issue for manage account status bar icon (#396)
da75681f83297707b1f8bcc8b2626980df3c79ca Fix issue where loading unsave sql file open as untitiledEditorInput (#385)
8afebd2e10f7a671e268768d270f3b860f6aa85d Extensions Cleanup (#359)
b1b3a92717b6481108b2588facd7b4052044af69 Add tab coloring by server group (#383)
3ffafbe5bc096a9214c1672ec82b13dea5fec096 Resize the start menu pinned icons to display correct (#382)
eb81a72b88a90f1579c003309f034f0f1f564f2c Update SQLOPS version to 0.25.0 for Jan release (#380)
2e70b55da82b431ed1a4eaef5a6b909a03c56bf1 Update pinned start menu icons (#379)
ad0c12ec9513977395af7da6d7d9e8e9051557d5 Change 'Server name' to 'Server' (#372)
572aebd8c8400e96abd0185d3473a6063a27a7e8 fixed bug where drag and drop would break scripting (#369)

Additional Notes

Linux binaries are 0.25.1 since they required a couple additional fixes to resolve recent regressions.

latest releases: 1.32.0, 1.31.1, 1.31.0-2...
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