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Release 0.6.2113301

Please head to install the VSIX.

Welcome to the May release of Web Template Studio.
We're excited to release React Native support, this is still in Preview. But you can start creating your apps for Windows, Android and iOS using the new templates.

Thanks for the feedback provided!

You can see a complete list of the issues addressed on the release on the following link:
0.6 May

Included in this version:

1. Add React Native in Preview
  • Create native apps for Windows, Android and iOS using React with the new command Create React Native App.

    • Provides an easy way for users to create a RN app through the wizard.

    • Add a separate entry point into the wizard for RN apps.

    • Identify RN dependencies from the extension and know how to install missing dependencies easily.

    • Tabbed is the selected navigation pattern included in this Release.

    • Three pages as templating options: Blank, Master/Detail, Settings.

      2. Improvements in generated Web projects:
  • Major update for React (React 17.* and react-scripts 4.*)

  • Applied feedback on Python applications.

    3. Improvements in Wizard:
  • Change the previous commands from Launch to Create React Native App and Deploy App to Deploy Web App.

  • Reviewed the styling and making it more consistent with vscode. We reduced and unified the font sizes a lot. We hope you have a better experience with these changes.

    4. Reviewed and updated documentation
latest release: 0.7.2117301
2 months ago