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Please head to install the VSIX.

Welcome to the November release of Web Template Studio
We´d like to thank the community for all the feedback provided.

You can see a complete list of the issues addressed on the release on the following link:
0.5 November

Included in this version:

  1. Improvements in generated projects:
    • Modified generated project structure to separate frontend and backend in different folders.
    • Added VS Code Tasks to install dependencies and start the generated app.
    • Applied feedback for generated React code.
  2. Release ASP.NET Core backend (out of preview).
  3. Improvements in Wizard:
    • Easier Azure Login on the Azure Cloud Services Step.
    • Right-side bar enhancements to be able to edit more info there.
    • Allow multiple versions of Web Template Studio to be installed and used side by side (local, nightly, marketplace,..).
    • Infrastructure improvements in order to add the possibility to create React Native Apps in the near future.
  4. Bug fixes:
    • Unified settings keys across the extension and Azure Services.
    • Fixed apiVersion for the Microsoft.Web/serverfarms resource.
    • Improved validation of the project name and path.
    • Fixed "Delete list item in Flask".
    • Fixed minor issues and style bugs.
  5. Reviewed and updated documentation
latest releases: 0.7.2117301, 0.6.2113301, 0.5.2104801...
8 months ago