github microsoft/WebTemplateStudio 0.4.2020202

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0.4 July

Included in this version:

  1. Add in ASP.NET Core backend (in preview).
  2. Optimized WebTS extension with webpack compression.
  3. Review and update all docs.
  4. Improvements in generated projects:
    • Accessibility improvements.
    • Update libraries in generated code.
    • Update _id to id property in SampleData model.
    • Update
  5. Other improvements:
    • Remove Quickstart button, always show generate button and allow to navigate on all steps on top menu.
    • Update libraries in wizard and extension.
    • Use Node 12 as minimum required version.
  6. Bug fixes in wizard:
    • Dynamically show azure services based on selected framework and project type.
    • Fix scrollbar when right sidebar is collapsed.
    • Fix disable generate button when project name is invalid.
    • Show licenses from composition templates.
    • Fix deploy command when open a generated project without having launched the wizard.
    • Fix preview flag configuration.
latest releases: 0.7.2117301, 0.6.2113301, 0.5.2104801...
12 months ago