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Fluid Framework v2.0.0-internal.4.3.0 (minor)

9 days ago

This is a minor release.

It contains bug fixes and other internal improvements.

What's Changed

💥 Breaking changes

  • bigBlobs request handling removed from DataObject

    bigBlobs request handling removed from DataObject

    Previously, DataObject would perform undocumented special handling for requests to it starting with bigBlobs/ to pull objects out of its
    root directory. This special handling has been removed.

2.0.0-internal.4.3.0 Upcoming changes

  • PureDataObject.getFluidObjectFromDirectory deprecated

PureDataObject.getFluidObjectFromDirectory deprecated

`PureDataObject.getFluidObjectFromDirectory` has been deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release. Instead prefer to 
interface directly with the directory and handles.

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