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4 years ago

This update adds 2 major features. You can now monitor some node.js specific portions of your application via the applicationinsights-node.js-native-metrics node.js addon. To add it, simply install it to your app:

npm install --save applicationinsights-native-metrics

You will not need to make any code changes since this SDK will automatically try to require this module. Once installed, additional node.js specific metrics of your application (time spent in each type of Garbage Collection, Event Loop ticks per second, heap vs non-heap memory usage) will be recorded as Metric Telemetry.

Second, this SDK now supports the W3C Trace Context distributed tracing standard. To enable this in your app, you must enable it during setup. This will send/receive back-compatibility headers as well as W3C headers, so you will not break correlation with any of your existing legacy services. Enabling W3C headers will allow your app to correlate with other services not instrumented with Application Insights, but do adopt this W3C standard.

const appInsights = require("applicationinsights");
  .setup("<your ikey>")


  • #508 - Add Node.js Extended metrics
  • #509 - Update diagnostic-channel-publishers
  • #511 - Change logging behavior of QPS pinger
  • #519 - Add W3C Trace Context distributed tracing
  • #521 - Fix issue where SDK crashed on nonstring correlation headers
  • #525 - Live metrics: don't change ping state on errors
  • #526 - Ship mapfiles with SDK

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