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pre-release6 years ago
  • #155, #282 Documentation improvements
  • #289 Performance counter data rate improvements
  • #311 Set up of auto-correlation for http.createServer does not cover all cases
  • #284 Multi-component application maps require cloud_RoleName
  • #225 Better differentiate Client and Server requests
  • #202 Offline mode does not persist endpoint with file, leading to date being sent to wrong endpoints
  • #285 OS Reporting gives broken string
  • #148 Tracking custom requests
  • #286 Specify resultCode when using trackDependency
  • #302, #269 Refactor API
  • #256 Cannot find module diagnostic-channel
  • #63 Exceptions are stored on disk even if offline mode is off and are never sent
  • #56 Dispose not removing timers and exception handlers
  • #147 Failure in telemetry processor should not fail telemetry delivery

This release includes breaking changes across most of the SDK in order to bring consistency with other Application Insights SDKs and allow future extensibility. Please review the README for new method and property names. For additional detail on the track API, review #302.

In general, you can migrate with the following:

  • Replace references to appInsights.client with appInsights.defaultClient
  • Replace references to appInsights.getClient() with new appInsights.TelemetryClient()
  • Replace all arguments to client.track* methods with a single object containing named properties as arguments. See your IDE's built-in type hinting, or TelemetryTypes, for the expected object for each type of telemetry.

If you access appInsights configuration functions without chaining them to appInsights.setup(), you can now find these functions at appInsights.Configuration (eg. appInsights.Configuration.setAutoCollectDependencies(true))

Changes to default configurations also exist in this SDK. Primarily, storing telemetry to disk when your app is offline is now enabled by default.

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