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pre-release7 years ago
  • #200 Allow durations to be longer than 24 hours
  • #199 Remove obsolete fields from envelope
  • #198 Restrict customProperties to kv pair of strings and add warnings discouraging sensitive info storage
  • #197 Add national clouds to correlationExcludedDomains
  • #195 Copying all descriptors of error properties
  • #194 Fixed correlationHeaderExcludedDomains only cares about first value
  • #191 Fix validateStringMap function
  • #187 Add automatic correlation between dependencies and requests
  • #178 Allow to disable console logging

This release includes an important change to tag override functionality available on track methods. Before this release, if an override tag object was provided it was used instead of the tags available on the client context. SDK behavior is now to merge the tags set on the override object with the client context. If you were using this functionality to remove default provided tags, you should instead identify the tags you wish to remove by name in your override object, and set them explicitly to null, undefined, or "".

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