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Micronaut Redis 6.0.0-M3

latest release: v6.0.0-M4
pre-release17 days ago

What's Changed

Dependency updates 🚀

  • chore(deps): update dependency gradle to v8.1.1 by @renovate in #362
  • chore(deps): update plugin to v6.4.2 by @renovate in #369
  • chore(deps): update slsa-framework/slsa-github-generator action to v1.6.0 by @renovate in #373
  • fix(deps): update dependency org.testcontainers:testcontainers-bom to v1.18.1 by @renovate in #371
  • chore(deps): update plugin to v6.4.4 by @renovate in #370
  • Micronaut Framework 4.0.0-M4 by @sdelamo in #374

Other Changes 💡

Full Changelog: v6.0.0-M2...v6.0.0-M3

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