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Mirconaut Core v4.0.0-M5

pre-release4 days ago

What's Changed

Bug Fixes 🐞

Improvements ⭐

Dependency updates 🚀

  • Update jackson to 2.15.0 by @yawkat in #9150
  • Update managed-reactor to v3.5.6 by @renovate in #9269
  • Update managed-kotlin-coroutines to v1.7.1 by @renovate in #9268
  • Update dependency org.graalvm.buildtools.native:org.graalvm.buildtools.native.gradle.plugin to v0.9.22 by @renovate in #9113
  • Update dependency org.grails:grails-datastore-core to v7.3.4 by @renovate in #8965
  • Update dependency io.micrometer:micrometer-core to v1.11.0 by @renovate in #8927
  • Update asm to v9.5 by @renovate in #9279
  • Update dependency com.github.javaparser:javaparser-symbol-solver-core to v3.25.3 by @renovate in #9283
  • Update netty monorepo to v4.1.92.Final by @renovate in #9276
  • Update plugin to v6.4.4 by @renovate in #9278
  • Update dependency com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind to v2.15.1 by @renovate in #9280
  • Update dependency io.methvin:directory-watcher to v0.18.0 by @renovate in #8380
  • Update dependency com.squareup.okio:okio to v3.3.0 by @renovate in #9284
  • exclude ControllerConstraintHandlerTest for Server JDK by @sdelamo in #9302

GraalVM 🏆

Other Changes 💡

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v4.0.0-M4...v4.0.0-M5

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