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Micronaut Framework 4.0.0-M4

latest releases: v4.0.0-M5, v3.9.2
pre-release9 days ago

What's Changed

New Features 🎉

  • Support MessageBodyWriter/Reader in the HTTP client by @yawkat in #9201
  • Implement SSL config reloading for the netty http client by @yawkat in #9218
  • New API for context propagation by @dstepanov in #7498

Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Correct Groovy storing annotation defaults in stereotype annotations by @graemerocher in #9232

Improvements ⭐

Dependency updates 🚀

  • Update junit5 monorepo by @renovate in #9229
  • Update groovy monorepo to v4.0.12 by @renovate in #9227
  • Update dependency org.graalvm.nativeimage:svm to v22.3.2 by @renovate in #9226
  • Update dependency to v6.4.4 by @renovate in #9225

Other Changes 💡

  • Fix not supported error with type use annotations and expression by @graemerocher in #9217
  • Use JsonNodeConvertibleValues when deserializing untyped ConvertibleValues by @yawkat in #9219
  • Use app conversion service in ConvertibleValuesDeserializer by @yawkat in #9230
  • Correct Kotlin mirror types JVM canonical name by @dstepanov in #9235
  • Fix for Kotlin test failures after validation upgrade by @graemerocher in #9238
  • Remove deprecated code by @dstepanov in #9244
  • Replace netty workaround with Http2MultiplexActiveStreamsException by @yawkat in #9237
  • Replace javax.inject.*, javax.annotations.Nullable, javax.annotations.Nonnull with Jakarta annotations by @dstepanov in #9241
  • Workaround for recognizing "javax.inject.Named" by @dstepanov in #9252
  • Workaround for recognizing "javax.inject.Qualifier" by @dstepanov in #9253
  • Support around annotations defined on an interface by @dstepanov in #9258

Full Changelog: v4.0.0-M3...v4.0.0-M4

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