github micro/micro v3.0.0-beta.6
Release v3.0.0-beta.6


18ba0bf3 Add docs (#1411)
c069f798 Add local install usage
fec70176 Add site logo
c15a67c0 Add todo
e91a646a Api "service auth: route not found, unauthorized request" fix (#1441)
5a64ae0f Consolidate reference
2a85aec6 Create CNAME
fe607576 Create (#1422)
33ab7671 Create
513ae79d Create codeql-analysis.yml
97d8b478 Delete CNAME
514eabff Fix permalinks (#1414)
5485f82e Fixing bug when baseurl gets appended to non com/org/net domains (#1408)
522e36dd Fixing tests timing out at 3 minutes even when they return with error quickly (#1424)
f7c4a091 Go bin is missing in client generation script
4eea5fac Helm Chart (Docs & Integration Tests) (#1436)
4d523d8e Kubernetes Profile (#1439)
8dbeb7db Making tokens namespace aware, moving tokens to separate file (#1407)
2c787c97 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
6a4fcfb9 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
04c8c151 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
fc642375 More config test cases + fixing a config set overwrite bug (#1406)
4e1c5c89 Moving test services to micro/services (#1423)
41bf7d0c Multi node infra (#1431)
19288577 Prevent generation of default accounts (#1445)
9a780745 Regenerate client sdks from proto (#1446)
c9b57d7d Regenerate client sdks from proto (#1449)
8e89de0d Reintroducing config.Read for backwards compatibility reasons (#1413)
6ba04d98 Remove Updater (moved to m3o/services) (#1448)
d3933351 Remove leftover printline (#1402)
1ba01e3c Remove references to go-micro's runtime scheduler (#1432)
ddfe9b3b Render flags for dynamic command help (#1434)
43399372 Runtime Builds (#1419)
9cd4e514 Save the old blog
579512bb Set s3 region from env var (#1426)
534e6745 Update
ad44ddd0 Update
993bf0dd Update
d6d51004 Update
5d5e0c06 Update
86f35c84 Update
40e8e2a0 Update
241b5ea7 Update
87a170ed Update
4c17acf9 Update
afaf8a91 Update
b70d4315 Update
d4d075bc Update
0ad374dc Update
af603dc6 Update
977aaa31 Update
14b72907 Update
57eec1db Update
43f1dbb2 Update
8a77db8d Update
db8e114a Update
677322a5 Update
29bdbf23 Update
ddb675b7 Update
a8b24538 Update
d055af87 Update
1ec93092 Update
fa0e23a4 Update
89d91781 Update
845b6469 Update
4a1f466f Update and rename to
af22fe5c Update
915ded4d Update
2dfdcf86 Update
1d5f2a5e Update
ee0a2750 Update
508eeee2 Update
729c5b3a Update
f48a3845 Update
aa8f19b8 Update clients.yml
4c7cd348 Update clients.yml
61c9c36b Update clients.yml
9ab19735 Update clients.yml
821d2021 Update docs (#1415)
54686b7f Update docs readme
225dee73 Update
bd2efd83 Update
d5509252 Update
b018d39d Update
2a2e7dbc Update go.mod (#1435)
40c7c23a Update issue templates
81348dd7 Update main.go
bdfcab70 Update server.go
55eaa33a Update title and index (#1416)
16c2b0b6 [WIP] Update helloworld/getting started docs (#1427)
d2c0a4c4 add client sdk generation to micro (#1410)
54cb5c9a add getting started toc
7aca006f add line spacing to blog index
36bf9033 add analytics
af79dbdd fix client protoc-gen-client path (#1420)
0ced305e fix etcd cert (#1444)
15e1ec20 fix getting started
a700e541 fix nats install on kind. pin helm versions (#1443)
53566433 fix the docs (#1412)
4d1f2f49 fix todo title
77e4ed10 generate a .mu file for every service (#1418)
fb204c76 make PR for client changes
58faa151 remove border bottom
6c6cde39 replace js with node lib
e574cb06 runtime/cli: handle github rate limit (#1421)
d96a0b11 service/runtime/manager: add logging to build process (#1437)
7931be0b set path to client/sdk
fb0dfed0 strip health service, not used (#1447)
0fad30ad tick off environments
d08960cf update faq
797fb30a update post title to black
94f1c5f4 update reference
81ad9b6e v2 readme
5cb47c9f verify install

latest release: v3.0.0-beta.7
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