github michaelrsweet/htmldoc v1.9.8

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2 years ago

HTMLDOC 1.9.8 adds a CGI file naming feature, adds support for letterhead
images, and fixes some formatting bugs. Changes include:

  • Added support for a HTMLDOC.filename META keyword that controls the filename
    reported in CGI mode; the default remains "htmldoc.pdf" (Issue #367)
  • Fixed a paragraph formatting issue with large inline images (Issue #369)
  • Fixed a buffer underflow issue (Issue #370)
  • Fixed PDF page numbers (Issue #371)
  • Added support for a new L header/footer format ($LETTERHEAD), which
    inserts a letterhead image at its full size (Issue #372, Issue #373,
    Issue #375)
  • Updated the build documentation (Issue #374)


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