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2 years ago

HTMLDOC 1.9.6 adds support for wrapping with ­, improves markdown support,
fixes some issues, and optimizes font and PDF handling. Changes include:

  • Added support for data URIs (Issue #340)
  • HTMLDOC no longer includes a PDF table of contents when converting a single
    web page (Issue #344)
  • Updated the markdown support with external links, additional inline markup,
    and hard line breaks.
  • Links in markdown text no longer render with a leading space as part of the
    link (Issue #346)
  • Fixed a buffer underflow bug discovered by AddressSanitizer.
  • Fixed a bug in UTF-8 support (Issue #348)
  • PDF output now includes the base language of the input document(s)
    (Issue #350)
  • Optimized the loading of font widths (Issue #354)
  • Optimized PDF page resources (Issue #356)
  • Optimized the base memory used for font widths (Issue #357)
  • Added proper ­ support (Issue #361)
  • Title files can now be markdown.


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