github michaelrsweet/htmldoc v1.9.16

one month ago

HTMLDOC 1.9.16 adds new time and date support and fixes bugs. Changes include:

  • Added support for $DATE(format) and $TIME(format) header/footer strings
    (Issue #472)
  • Fixed a potential image overflow bug with JPEG and PNG images (Issue #471)
  • Fixed potential heap overflow bugs with pages (Issue #477, Issue #478,
    Issue #480, Issue #482, Issue #483)
  • Fixed potential use-after-free in blocks (Issue #484)
  • Updated the GNU TLS HTTPS support code to use a faster connection shutdown
    mode (Issue #487)
  • Fixed some minor Coverity warnings.
  • Updated the GUI interface for current display fonts.

Binaries are available from Github for Windows and macOS, and through the
Snapcraft store for Linux.


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