github mhogomchungu/zuluCrypt 4.7.6


-- add "hmac" plugin.This plugin produces a key as follows: key = hmac-sha256( passphrase,keyfile-contents ).This plugin can be used when unlocking a volume requires a passphrase and a keyfile.

-- use "tcrypt" to refer to TrueCrypt volumes and "vcrypt" to refer to VeraCrypt volumes.

-- bundle tcplay to offer VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt functionality independently of cryptsetup.This bundling gives zuluCrypt support for opening and Creating both VeraCrypt and TrueCrypt volumes without any external dependencies.Previously,certain minimum versions of cryptsetup were required and most distributions missed them because they are slow in updating cryptsetup.

latest releases: 6.0.0, 5.7.1, 5.7.0...
6 years ago