github mhogomchungu/zuluCrypt 4.7.5

-- add abilities in zuluMount-gui to hide useless entries like windows recovery partitions from view.
These entries can be set to show/hide through tray icon context menu.

-- add ability to mount and unmount encfs volumes in zuluMount-gui.A folder with encrypted files can be unlocked by dragging it and then dropping it on zuluMount-gui main window.

-- add ablity to create TrueCrypt volumes using a passphrase together with one or more keyfiles.Previous versions allowed creation of volumes using either a passphrase or a single keyfile.

-- add support for opening of VeraCrypt volumes(cryptsetup >= 1.7.0 required).

latest releases: 6.0.0, 5.7.1, 5.7.0...
6 years ago