github meterio/meter-pov tesla-fork9-fix1

19 days ago

This release enables a fork9 scheduled at 36427000 to happen on Meter Mainnet, features included:

  • candidate totalVotes correction (existing data revise and bucket sub calculation fix)
  • London fork tx format support EIP-2930, EIP-1559, EIP-155 and Legacy, BASEFEE opcode support
  • goroutine leak fix for pow connection
  • golang version upgrade to 1.18, dependency upgrades for libraries include goleveldb, go-amino, prometheus, crypto and log15
  • pacemaker revertTo added cleaning for pendingList and lastVotingHeight after proposalMap
  • use (epoch, round) to identify OnBeat, so no more scheduled OnBeat from last epoch will be triggered
  • avoid panic if block validation fails

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