github metal3-io/cluster-api-provider-metal3 v1.3.3

latest releases: test/v1.3.3, api/v1.3.3
13 days ago

Changes since v1.3.2

🌱 Others

  • Uplift ipam to v1.3.2 (#999)
  • Changing md5 to sha256 in tests and default tempelates (#987)
  • Backport manifest collection (#965)
  • Backport e2e log improvements to release-1.3 (#942)
  • update build badges to point to 1.3 (#952)
  • Add Rozzii as reviewer (#947)

🌱 Bug Fixes

  • Fixing sha256sum generation (#991)


The image for this release is: v1.3.3
Ironic release is capm3-v1.3.3
Mariadb-release is capm3-v1.3.3

Thanks to all our contributors! 😊

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