github metal3-io/cluster-api-provider-metal3 v0.5.5

latest releases: v1.1.1, v1.1.0
3 months ago

Changes since v0.5.4

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Replace ironic containers by the all-in-one in release-0.5 branch (#498)
  • Reconcile Metal3MachineTemplate on Metal3Machine events (#520)
  • Fix IMAGE_OS case in e2e tests for release-0.5 branch (#530)
  • Cherrypick live-iso option to Image's DiskFormat for v1a5 in release-0.5 (#529)
  • Fix compilation issues in e2e tests in release-0.5 branch (#480)
  • Rename unused BMH state mentions in release-0.5 branch e2e tests (#458)

🌱 Others

  • Uplift IPAM to the latest v0.0.0-20220218143845-45c86dc10798 (#535)
  • Remove static calico files from E2E tests in release-0.5 branch (#479)
  • Replace ironic image tag with main in release-0.5 branch (#481)
  • Add smoshiur1237 as a reviewer in release-0.5 branch (#482)
  • Update CI badges and artifactory image path with metal3 (#506)
  • Pin calico version to v3.21.0 in release-0.5 branch (#484)
  • Uplift IPAM, CAPI to v0.4.7 in release-0.5 branch (#503)
  • Add re-inspection API tests to E2E in release-0.5 branch (#485)
  • e2e: prepare for the new ironic container in release-0.5 branch (#478)
  • Uplift containerd to v1.5.9 and docker to v20.10.11 (#462)

The image for this release is: v0.5.5
Baremetal-Operator and Ironic releases are capm3-v0.5.5
Thanks to all our contributors! 😊

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