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4 months ago

Changes since v0.5.3

✨ New Features

  • Add E2E upgrade ironic test to release-0.5 branch (#434)
  • Rework node reuse logic to handle corner cases in release-0.5 (#425)

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fix upgrading mariadb container in upgrade ironic e2e tests (#447)
  • Automated cleaning bug fix in machine template controller (#432)
  • Remove unnecessary and buggy step in e2e remediation test in release-0.5 branch (#427)
  • Fix node reuse workflow in E2E in release-0.5 branch (#408)
  • Require image-spec v1.0.2 (#424)
  • Fix wrong capi api mention in api folder in release-0.5 branch (#422)
  • Uplift v1.5.8 (#403)

🌱 Others

  • Cover upgrade test requirements in node reuse e2e tests in release-0.5 branch (#449)
  • Use golang image as base for unit test containers (#441)
  • Backport re-pivoting e2e test (#388)
  • Don't update BMH automatedCleaningMode if it is set to nil in M3M (#411)
  • Ensure setting image tag for current release in infra components (#406)
  • Refactor test scripts (#396)
  • Fix the flaky issue with cert-rotation (#409)

The image for this release is: v0.5.4
Baremetal-Operator and Ironic releases are capm3-v0.5.4
Thanks to all our contributors! 😊

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