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2 years ago

Changes since v0.3.0

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • CAPM3 should not select a BMH that is paused (#67)
  • Restrict host selection to ready or available hosts (#60)
  • This PR fixes issue #48 (#57)
  • Multiple updates operation on the BMH #33 (#54)
  • UpdateObject function should operate on a deepcopy of the object (#52)
  • Fix Metal3ClusterToMetal3Machines function in metal3Machine Controller (#43)
  • Fix Namespace handling (#31)
  • Fix the deletion step order and OwnerReference matching, add matchpolicy to webhooks (#27)
  • Fix bug in the order of BMH association (#26)
  • Add a requeue when getting a conflict on object update (#17)

📖 Documentation

  • Replace versions in docs (#62)

🏃 Others

  • Change manager image tag to follow release-0.3 branch (#9)

The image for this release is: v0.3.1. This release has been tested with
Cluster API release v0.3.3.

Thanks to all our contributors! 😊

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