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Metabase v0.49.2

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27 days ago


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.49.2
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the v0.49.2 JAR:




  • Handle invalid file drop (#40690)
  • Sort official collections first in API endpoints (#40598)
  • Increase rate limit of actions from 1 to 10 per second (#40527)
  • Order of collection should be the same as the collection sidebar (#39965)
  • Show more billing info on license and billing settings page (#38497)

Bug fixes

  • LDAP no longer works on OSS (#40704)
  • model indexes error when values are removed (#40639)
  • Common Metrics gone after Summarising by some other column (#40553)
  • Attaching CSV files to a subscription leads to a NullPointerException (#40472)
  • If there are new columns in the data source after the question was saved, they are hidden by default (#40435)
  • Cannot save a question based on another question after converting to SQL (#40422)
  • Field filter breaks native question on dashboard (#40383)
  • postgresql tables that are visible through column grants aren't available for simple questions (#40338)
  • Specific date filter shifts dates by one day (#40332)
  • Group managers cannot view all people (#40328)
  • Exporting date values changes the year (#40306)
  • Copying and pasting values from a spreadsheet to a filter and insert a unique value (#40265)
  • Parameter filter widget jumps and doesn't allow to pick a value (#40232)
  • Trend viz might not appear correctly on alerts (#39854)
  • Filtering by a Specific Date in Snowflake will bring inaccurate results (#39769)
  • Whitespace symbol breaks suggestions (#39622)
  • Model Caching stuck in "pending" state not cleared out by next scheduled refresh (#39138)
  • Duplicate column name error when exploring results of native query with join (#39098)
  • Getting errors in the truncate log task Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: metabase.task.truncate_audit_log.TruncateAuditLog (#38235)
  • Scrolling issue in sort dropdown with many values (#36074)
  • Fix missing columns after query fields update (#40398)
  • Fix N+1 in checking write permission for collection (#40345)
  • Dashcards from other tabs show up in the first one after entering and leaving editing mode (#40695)
  • fix normalized chart crashes when trend lines enabled but there is no insights data (#40624)
  • Fix unable to migrate to 49 due to v49.00-059 migration (#40547)
  • Often SLO won't be setup on the IdP but we should still delete the session. (#40459)
  • Redshfit: sync tables with partial select permission (#40421)
  • Restore logo margin (#40417)
  • Formatter Gives correct year for dates near start/end of Year (#40410)
  • funnel chart does not work in static viz (#39743)
  • Include filters when exporting dashboard to PDF (#38231)
  • [MLv2] [BE] [Bug] returnedColumns does not handle columns with the same name (#37517)
  • Export to PDF should have the filter values that were used on the dashboard (#35475)

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