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Version 11.8.1

latest releases: v11.10.0, v11.9.0
9 months ago

Exact version for this release is (But we call this just 11.8.1.)

This is a minor release that is focused on fixing problems.

New features

  • Search containers from the address bar using "ctg" keyword. You can also open the Panorama Grid from there.

Improvements and fixes

  • Removed low-priority tasks to improve overall performance.
  • Fixed some incorrect translations across several languages.
  • Implemented an official-release indicator in the help view.
  • Added build version to the version scheme to indicate development versions. (Versions ending with .2xx are release versions.)
  • Build system updates: now fully using TypeScript to prevent bugs.
  • Moved to CircleCI.
  • Translation updates.
  • Dependencies updates.
  • Bug fixes.

Download and install from:

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