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Version 11.5.0

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11 months ago

New features

  • Reorganized popup/sidebar panels.
  • New "Windows" view combined previous "Containers" view and "Windows" view.
  • New "Containers" view allowing viewing tabs by container across windows.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for selecting a panel and/or opening settings.
  • Keyboard shortcut to open Panorama Grid.
  • Redesign of Panorama Grid.
  • Create, edit, and delete containers from Panorama Grid.
  • Open tab in a new container/temporary container in container selection menu.

Improvements and fixes

  • Display tab count over the popup button.
  • Display a spinner while processing.
  • Correctly clear storage statistics on browsing data removal.
  • Fixed possible sources for memory leaks.
  • New languages: Interlingua, Galician, Czech.
  • Translation updates.
  • Dependencies updates.
  • Bug fixes.

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