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Version 11.4.0

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13 months ago

New features

  • Per-container user agent overrides with Chrome emulation. (#97)
  • First-party domain separated view of cookies. (View Cookies)
  • Welcome screen with privacy and compatibility settings.
  • Option to enable/disable user agent and language overrides.
  • "Focus to container" feature.
  • Temporary containers.
  • This extension itself now can save memory for inactive tabs. Can be enabled at settings.
  • Reopen (tab) in Container button in the URL bar.

Improvements and fixes

  • Performance improvements of the popup and tab sorting.
  • Redesign of Panorama Grid including context menu of tabs.
  • Allow deletion of data of sites that only have localStorage data (no cookies).
  • Popup redesign.
  • Settings page redesign.
  • Build system improvements.
  • Translation updates.
  • Dependencies updates.
  • Bug fixes.

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