github melange-re/melange 1.0.0-alpha.1

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pre-release12 months ago


  • melange: print an error message if $MELANGELIB is set to a directory that
    doesn't exist (#449)
  • melange: fix bug where --bs-module-name didn't always affect generated JS
    file casing (#446)
  • melange: fix bug where -o output.js didn't always write a JavaScript file
  • melange: remove the -bs-read-cmi flag in favor of the builtin
    -intf-suffix flag, standard in OCaml
  • melange: return an actionable error message when no output is specified
    with -impl / -intf
  • melange: use Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty in the Caml_obj runtime
  • melange: transform
    correctly in JS strings (those written using {js|string here|js})
  • melange: define MELANGE conditional compilation variable
  • melange: Make Pervasives exactly match the Stdlib behavior
  • melange: fix unbound error when trying to use Printexc.exn_slot_id
  • melange: fix codegen issue accessing a nested module path that is also
    included (#487)
  • melange: preserve the correct command-line order for load path directories
  • melange: respect the -nostdlib option; don't add stdlib / runtime to the
    load path in that case
  • melange: build the Melange runtime / stdlib / runtime tests with the dune
    integration (#493). Thus
    melange now requires Dune 3.8.
  • melange: allow shadowing sub-modules of Stdlib in user projects
  • melange, reactjs-jsx-ppx: introduce a reactjs-jsx-ppx package, remove its
    dependency from melange
  • melange: remove the --bs-jsx <version> flag from melc now that
    reactjs-jsx-ppx is a separate package
  • melange: add melpp executable to preprocess #if conditionals with the
    melange parser (#539)
  • mel: delete the mel package. The dune integration is now the only
    officially supported workflow for orchestrating melange builds
  • melange: Extract melange.ppx from the melange package. This preprocessing
    step interprets extensions such as %bs.obj, %bs.raw,, etc.
  • melange: allow installing melange in more OCaml versions and compiler
    switches. Melange now migrates binary AST to the version it understands
  • melange: don't run anonymous args function from
    [@@@bs.config {flags = [| ... |]}] attributes
  • melange: add --preamble flag to add a preamble to emitted JS. An example is
    "use client"; in React Server Components, which needs to appear before
    imports (#545,
  • melange: turn off warning 20 (ignore-extra-argument) by default. This
    warning is rarely useful in Melange due to false positives when invoking
    functions defined with %bs.raw

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