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18 months ago


  • Disable warning 69 (unused-field in record) for the private record
    generated by the bs.deriving attribute
  • Disable warning 20 (ignored-extra-argument) when applying
    foo##fn arg1 arg2
    • in cases such as external x : < .. > Js.t = "", the typechecker doesn't
      know the arity of the function, even though Melange will emit an uncurried
      function call.
  • Disable warning 61 (unboxable-type-in-prim-decl) in external declarations
    • Melange externals are substantially different from OCaml externals. This
      warning doesn't make sense in a JS runtime.
  • melc: introduce --bs-module-name flag to specify the original file name for
    the current compilation unit
    • Dune's namespacing implementation generates modules such as
      lib__Original_name. Passing --bs-module-name original_name allows
      melange to issue correct import / require statements to the unmangled
      JS file names.

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