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18 months ago


  • [melange] Introduce 2 explicit modes of JavaScript compilation:
    • "Batch compilation": produces .cmj and .js files at the same time (this
      is the previous behavior -- using --bs-package-output MODULE_SYSTEM:REL_PATH:JS_EXTENSION)
    • "Separate emission": produces only .cmj files with --bs-stop-after-cmj --bs-package-output REL_PATH_ONLY, and allows emitting JavaScript files
      separately, with --bs-module-type MODULE_SYSTEM -o TARGET_FILE.JS_EXTENSION
  • [mel]: Fix mel build --watch exiting after the first change
  • [melange]: Remove dependency on reason. Reason syntax users should install reason from their preferred package manager instead, and Melange / Dune will
    find it in $PATH (#409)
  • [melange]: Remove dependency on napkin (the ReScript syntax parser). Users
    that depend on libraries written in ReScript syntax should install the mel
    package and Melange / Dune will find the rescript_syntax binary in $PATH

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