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14 days ago

9aa801b - Improve performance of TileComponentUpgrade
2c55c6d - Reduce BlockPos allocations in a few of the WorldUtils methods
72bc520 - use constants for mouse buttons
b6b74cd - make right click in qio take half a stack, not half of total stored
dcddd35 - move trusted user checks to helper method (no benefit for now)
dcf8adb - add hashcode to piggyback name
f81da86 - use map override of foreach
079f71a - rate limit frequency updating and add some logging
dbd36b8 - Prefer mouse button middle to mouse button 3
de4f646 - Remove nullable warning for level by passing it directly
949f4f5 - Fix robit repair screen error sprite rendering
b79d67a - Improve performance of handling for fluids, chemicals, and energy:
 - Reduces the frequency of capturing lambdas
 - Looks up containers a single time for batch operations
 - Make use of batched methods for some slots that weren't using them (at least when the implementation of the item is a mekanism item)
 - Fixes some weirdness with what tanks fission and boiler ports expose
000a83c - Actually distribute frequency component updating across ticks
6022c0b - Make offset threadsafe
973b701 - Allow transparent plastic blocks to be placed inside framed blocks
ebd4cf9 - Switch persists and handles checks to using INVOKEVIRTUAL instead of INVOKEINTERFACE
3b40467 - Fix having accidentally broken the ability to encode formulas
2a470df - Allow using the section symbol for robit names to allow for robit names to have colors (mekanism/Mekanism-Feature-Requests#443)
663e512 - Transition over to using MutableBlockPos in a variety of locations to try and cutdown on allocations
cdc3f6c - New translations en_us.json (#8043)
67374bb - Bump version to 10.5.13

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