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2 years ago

Do you read these release notes? We're considering making changes to them and want to hear from you before we do that. See this issue for details and to give your input.

Notable changes

  • api.MessageEvent.origin.USVString_type was removed, since it recorded data about browser internals that are not observable to web developers. (#13136)

  • was renamed to to reflect the convention set by (#13216)

  • and were renamed to and to reflect the actual names of the values they describe. (#11924)

  • api.Response.Response.body_param_null was renamed to api.Response.Response.body_parameter_optional to follow the guideline on parameter feature names.

  • The following non-existent, long-removed, or otherwise irrelevant features have been removed:

    • api.EventTarget.removeEventListener.type_listener_parameters_optional (#13143)
    • api.HTMLImageElement.error_event (#13006)
    • api.MutationObserverInit (#12795)

Known issues

  • In v3.3.9, the structure of features for, place-items, and place-self changed (#11214). This is an incomplete fix to the problem of undocumented namespaces appearing in places where you might otherwise expect compatability data. The restructuring of the data is a work in progress and may change again in a future release. See #6175 for more information.


  • 11 contributors have changed 89 files with 1,314 additions and 1,880 deletions in 142 commits (v4.0.8...v4.0.9)
  • 13,378 total features
  • 819 total contributors
  • 3,642 total stargazers

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