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2 years ago

Notable changes

  • css.types.ellipse was moved to css.types.basic-shape.ellipse to correct improper nesting of features. (#12075)

  • css.types.filter-function.constrast was renamed to css.types.filter-function.contrast to correct a typo. (#12074)

  • The following non-existent, long-removed, or otherwise irrelevant features have been removed:

Known issues

  • In v3.3.9, the structure of features for, place-items, and place-self changed (#11214). This is an incomplete fix to the problem of undocumented namespaces appearing in places where you might otherwise expect compatability data. The restructuring of the data is a work in progress and may change again in a future release. See #6175 for more information.


  • 16 contributors have changed 76 files with 1,053 additions and 996 deletions in 62 commits (v4.0.0...v4.0.1)
  • 13,279 total features
  • 806 total contributors
  • 3,534 total stargazers

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