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This package is now published as @mdn/browser-compat-data. For more information, read Upgrading from mdn-browser-compat-data 1.1 to @mdn/browser-compat-data 2.0.x.

Notable changes

  • Deprecation: if you require this package (with the mdn- package name), then a warning will be emitted (#6777)
  • Deprecation: if you're running Node.js version 8, then a warning will be emitted (#6777)
  • Feature moves and removals:
    • api.DOMTokenList.remove_whitespace_and_duplicates has been split into api.DOMTokenList.remove_duplicates and api.DOMTokenList.trim_whitespace (#6691)
    • api.AudioContext.createConstantSource was removed because it duplicated api.BaseAudioContext.createConstantSource (#6799)
    • api.Document.contains was removed because it duplicated api.Node.contains (#6850)


  • 10 contributors have changed 58 files with 1,795 additions and 1,495 deletions in 39 commits (v1.0.40...v1.1.0)
  • 12,243 total features
  • 706 total contributors
  • 3,030 total stargazers

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