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14 months ago

Lots of great new features and some important bug fixes.
Huge thanks to @unreality in particular, for proposing and implementing support of OpenSSH Certificates!


  • Support for OpenSSH Certificates (#416)
  • Redesign the "Create Secret" view (#370)
  • Add "agent is running" toolbar item (#434)
  • Show lock icon in items that require authentication (#357)


  • Fix bug where agent could act as if it had no keys (#427)
  • Fix potential crash in agent around path generation (#420)
  • Fix crash in agent when tapping notification, causing re-auth to be prompted after authorizing time-based unlock (#385)
  • Fix issue where toolbar text could be illegible when in light mode (#434)
  • UI tweaks for light mode (#429)
  • Fixed selection after creating/renaming/deleting secrets (#436)

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