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3 years ago

NOTE: This update requires macOS 11.0 Big Sur
The 1.0 series of Secretive will continue to receive security patches, but going forward, Secretive will require 11.0 and above. There is a final update for 1.0 available here which fixes a few bugs around updating and will let you ignore this release if you're not planning on upgrading to Big Sur.


  • Add support for SHA256 fingerprints (#198)
  • Add comment to public keys (#181)
  • Updater will now only prompt you to update if your OS is capable of running that version of Secretive (#203)
  • Updater will always pick the greatest eligible semantic version, instead of the "last published" version (#203)
  • Add Internet Access Policy (#199)


  • Fix arrow positioning in onboarding flow (#200)
  • Allow the app to run in ~/Applications without warning. (#178)

Minimum macOS Version



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