github masagrator/ReverseNX-Tool 2.0.0
ReverseNX-Tool 2.0.0

Completely revamped ReverseNX-Tool which makes ReverseNX plugin obsolete.

You need to update SaltyNX to >=0.3.0a and delete ReverseNX.elf from SaltySD/plugins folder

Now tool lists all installed games and make it possible to manage modes for each game (more in readme)
Thanks to this new approach all 64-bit games that were crashing before now shouldn't with ReverseNX. More about changes in SaltyNX in respective repo.

Functions, that you could find in SaltyNX-Tool, are now deleted.

latest releases: 3.1.2, 3.1.1, 3.1.0...
10 months ago