github martinmoene/optional-lite v3.3.0

latest releases: v3.5.0, v3.4.0
18 months ago

Release 3.3.0 of optional lite contains the following changes.


  • Add tweak header support


  • Add .editorconfig.
  • Add TortoiseGit integration with GitHub issues.
  • Add build folder and IDE folders/files to .gitignore (.vs, .vscode, CodeBlocks).
  • Change vcpkg install to use CMake
  • Change badge 'on conan' to refer to conan-center (thanks @jgsogo).
  • Improve section on Conan in Readme.
  • Remove no longer used struct enabler.
  • Special-case usage of ref qualifiers for GNUC 4.8 (#56,thanks to @davidtazy).
  • Update list of known good compilers (Xcode) (#54, thanks to @past-due).
  • Add settings options to conanfile (#46, thanks to @ngrodzitski).
  • Add Visual Studio 2019 to the Appveyor build matrix, nonstd lite project issue 47.
  • Add badge 'on godbolt', nonstd-lite-project issue 36.
  • Improve MSVC version table, nonstd-lite-project issue 38.


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