github marmelab/react-admin v4.16.14

latest releases: v4.16.16, v4.16.15
26 days ago
  • Fix <FilterButton> does not support the variant prop (#9751) by (adguernier)
  • [Demo] Fix error when viewing newly created deals in CRM demo (#9733) by (erwanMarmelab)
  • Bump express from 4.17.3 to 4.19.2 (#9747) by (dependabot)
  • Bump webpack-dev-middleware from 6.1.1 to 6.1.2 (#9739) by (dependabot)
  • [Doc] Update <RichTextInput> to explain how to access the editor object (#9731) by (erwanMarmelab)
  • [Doc] Update "Writing a Data Provider" chapter to include test advice (#9738) by (fzaninotto)
  • [Doc] Update RBAC to mention ability to define permissions on an array of resources (#9729) by (erwanMarmelab)

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