github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v2.4.0-beta.1


✨ Features and improvements

  • Add showUserHeading option to GeolocateControl that draws a triangle in front of the dot to denote both the user's location, and the direction they're facing.(#10817) (h/t to @tsuz)
  • Add support for text-writing-mode property when using symbol-placement: line text labels. (#10647)
    • Note: This change will bring the following changes for CJK text blocks:
    • 1. For vertical CJK text, all the characters including Latin and Numbers will be vertically placed now. Previously, Latin and Numbers were horizontally placed.
    • 2. For horizontal CJK text, there may be a slight horizontal shift due to the anchor shift.
  • Improve character alignment in labels with mixed CJK and Latin characters by adding support for descender and ascender font metrics.(#8781)
  • Improve terrain performance by reducing number of framebuffer switches during draping.(#10701)
  • Improve behavior of vertically aligned line labels with horizontal text by adding stickiness to their flip state, preventing them from flickering. (#10622)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix a potential rendering artifact when using custom fill-extrusion dataset with terrain. (#10812)
  • Fix anchor calculation for line-center line labels when the anchor is very near to line segment endpoints. (#10776)
  • Fix ImageSource breaking in Firefox/Safari if it's not immediately visible.(#10698)
  • Fix gradient skybox rendering issue on some ARM Mali GPU's.(#10703)
latest releases: v1.13.2, v2.5.1, style-spec@13.22.0...
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