github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v2.3.0-beta.1

✨ Features and improvements

  • Add configurable fog as a root style specification (#10564)
  • Add support for data-driven expressions in line-dasharray and line-cap properties. (#10591)
  • Add support for data-driven text-line-height (#10612)
  • Add client-side elevation querying with map.queryTerrainElevation(lngLat) when terrain is active (#10602)
  • Reduce GPU memory footprint when terrain is active by sharing a single depth stencil renderbuffer for all draping (#10611)
  • Optimize tile cover by preventing unnecessary tile loads when terrain is active (#10467)
  • Batch render DOM elements to avoid reflow (#10530, #10567) (h/t zarov)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fix style property transitions not invalidating the terrain render cache (#10485)
  • Fix raster tile expiry data not being retained. (#10494) (h/t andycalder)
  • Fix undefined type error when removing line-gradient paint property (#10557)
  • Fix unclustered points in a clustered GeoJSON source incorrectly snapping to a grid at high zoom levels. (#10523)
  • Fix map.loadImage followed with a delay by map.addImage failing in Safari and Firefox. (#10524)
  • Allow conditional display of formatted images in text (#10553)
  • Fix fill-extrusion elevation underflow below sea level (#10570)
  • Fix dashed lines with square line caps. (#9561)
  • Fix markers sometimes throwing an error after being removed from a 3D map. (#10478) (h/t andycalder)
  • Set type=button on attribution button to prevent accidental form submit when map is nested in <form> (#10531)
  • Fix nine documentation typos (#10546, #10548 #10551 #10646) (h/t coliff)
latest releases: v1.13.2, v2.5.1, style-spec@13.22.0...
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