github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v2.2.0-beta.1

Features and improvements

  • Add testMode Map option that silences errors and warnings generated due to an invalid accessToken. It maybe useful when using the library to write unit tests. (#10445)
  • Improve geojsonSource.setData(...) performance in Safari (#10417)
  • Add map.getTerrain() method (#10413)
  • Add showTerrainWireframe map debug option for displaying terrain wireframe (#10406)
  • Document the default limit and offset of geojsonSource.getClusterLeaves(...) (#10403) (h/t henk23)
  • (Development) Update dev environment to native ES modules to support Node 14+ (#10367)

Bug fixes

  • Fix map.getBounds() to return the inset bounds when map padding is set (#10386)
  • Support flat roofs for fill-extrusions when using custom data sources with terrain (#10347)
  • Fix flickering accuracy circle in GeolocateControl. (#10334) (h/t anderswi)
  • Show Mapbox logo if no style is provided for the map (#10361)
  • Switch to using alphabetic baseline for locally-rendered glyphs to avoid misalignment on fonts with large ascenders/descenders. (#10390)
  • Fix incorrect diffing of styles when using raster DEM tile sources (#10418)
  • Fix queryRenderedFeatures(...) for fill-extrusions partly behind the camera (#10428)
  • Fix artifacts caused by negative terrain elevation (#10432)
  • Reset WebGL culling state before drawing custom layers (#10412)
  • Fix DOM event coordinates for scaled containers (#10096) (h/t kawsndriy)
  • Fix collectResourceTiming errors (#10321)
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