github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v2.1.0-beta.1


✨ Features and improvements

  • Added localFontFamily map option that enables local generation of all font glyphs. (#10298)
  • Introduced high resolution local glyph generation for improved rendering quality of glyphs generated using localIdeographFontFamily or localFontFamily options. (#10298)
  • Added optimizeForTerrain map option allowing to use terrain in layer draw-order or performance priority mode. This fixes terrain not always preserving layer draw-order during animations by making the behavior explicit. (#10258)
  • Improved performance by slightly shifting the horizon down, reducing the number of tiles loaded for highly-pitched maps. (#10304)
  • Improved evented.once(eventName) to return a promise if no listener function is provided, which allows using async/await with map events for a simpler and more readable code. (#10203)

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed querying of fill-extrusions when terrain is enabled. (#10293)
  • Fixed a bug where close points were sometimes not clustered on higher zoom levels given a small clustering radius. Fixed clusterMaxZoom so that it is not capped by the source maxzoom. (#10296)
  • Fixed blurry map-aligned labels on highly pitched maps with terrain. (#10296)
  • Fixed a race condition when evaluating image expressions by ensuring sprite has loaded before parsing tiles. (#10294)
  • Fixed a bug with fullscreen fill-extrusion querying at low pitch. (#10315)
  • Fixed a regression with the usage of patterns with data-driven styling. (#10284)
  • Ensure evented.listens returns false when no listener is available. (#10281)
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