github mapbox/mapbox-gl-js v2.0.1

✨ Features and improvements

  • Added support for using third-party worker-loader plugins in build systems such as Webpack and Rollup (mapboxgl.workerClass). #10219
  • Added mapboxgl.setNow and mapboxgl.restoreNow methods which allow setting custom animation timing for 60 fps, jank-free video recording. #10172
  • Removed outdated CSS hacks that no longer apply. #10202

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where ImageSource and dynamically loaded icons didn't work in some cases in Firefox and Safari. #10230
  • Fixed a bug where map.unproject and map.panBy acted unpredictably in certain cases. #10224
  • Fixed a bug where the sky layer didn't take map padding into account. #10201
  • Fixed a bug where map.setStyle couldn't be used to enable terrain. #10177
  • Fixed a bug where mouse events didn't properly fire during zoom scrolling. #10171
latest releases: v1.13.2, v2.5.1, style-spec@13.22.0...
9 months ago